Tuesday, 8 December 2009

BSB Christmas Competition

When I heard about Dream Sequins virtual tea party I thought it was a fantastic idea, so I got very excited when the British Style Bloggers decided to hold their own virtual christmas party!

P1040643 P1040646

In case you hadn't guessed already, I am a firm believer in overdressing, so I decided to go Blacktie and wear this Vintage 1970s evening gown. The story of the dress is this: My mum wore it when she was 18 to her School Prom, and many many years later I wore it to mine. Since then it's been sitting in my wardrobe not getting nearly enough love, so I decided that this Christmas was the perfect time to get it out again! The bag is Lulu Guiness which I got majorly on sale, and you can't tell but I've got my Melissa shoes on my feet too!

I'd also like to point out I'm wearing the most uncomfortable bra/corsetry arrangement ever underneath it all!


Every Christmas I make a Chocolate Yule Log for my family, so I wanted to share that with all the other partygoers too! If you want to try it for yourself the recipe is (naturally) Delia's.

I'd also love to hear Fascination by Alphabeat as it never fails to get me dancing!

If you're a British Style Blogger you still have two more days (yes, two!) to join the party!


Leia said...

You look FANTASTIC! That dress is absolutely gorgeous. And can you please tell me how to get your tiny waistline?? I'm so jealous!

Hope work has been going well, see you tomorrow :)

Claire said...

Absolute knock-out of a dress!!! That is such a fab fab dress, not to be worn too often for fear of its lustre fading. So cool that your mum wore it, then you did too!

daisychain said...

what an incredible dress, wow.

Claire said...

That collar. Is. Amazing. Amazing!

Your look is unquantifiable. it's great!