Friday, 4 December 2009

Daily Outfit - 4th December 2009

Today is my first day of work! I've been spending the last few weeks putting together a capsule work wardrobe that I feel comfortable and smart in, without losing my personal style ( definitely a tall order!) This is what I am wearing for my first day, wish me luck!

P1040611 P1040609

Poloneck jumper - French Connection
Red embroidered skirt - Joy
Black and grey blazer - Zara
Black oxford shoes - Bata
Black and silver necklace - Vintage


Leah said...

Great outfit... just the right boost of confidence to get you through your first day of work.

Sherin said...

Good luck for your first day! I'm sure you'll do great. You're outfit looks perfect for it.

Leia said...

Harriet! You look amazing. I'm also so impressed that you wear heels in London; I always regret it when I do because I end up with blisters no matter what (unless I'm being driven around!)

Good luck on your first day! :)

Vixel said...

Fabulous outfit, good luck on your first day, I hope it's great!

Penny said...

I m starting to look about work outfits- and in my previous work computers didnt require formality- your posts are guiding me a lot!