Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Marc by Marc Jacobs

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Spring/Summer 2010 Collection, all runway photos via style.com

Marc Jacobs is probably my favourite designer ever, and his Marc by Marc Jacobs line would have my name on every single item if I could afford it! I love his bold use of colours, the youthful style and the way his clothes would sit just as well alongside a high street wardrobe as one filled with designer goodies. Designer clothes are obviously aimed mainly at a more mature, wealthy market than I fit in to. While I get that is their target audience, I love diffusion lines exactly because it feels like the Marc by Marc Jacobs girl is probably younger, and the sort of girl who's wardrobe mainly comes from Topshop and H&M, but every once in a while saves up to splurge on a great designer item, i.e. girls like me!

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 Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection

His collections always include a mixture of stand out pieces alongside very wearable clothes, and accessories and jewellary to die for. I think the shock of Luella announcing their closure recently has shown everyone that if you really like a designer, and feel that you can afford to do so you'd better get out there and support them or they could be gone before you know it!

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Autumn/Winter 2009 and the man himself

Currently my only piece of Marc by Marc Jacobs is my watch which I have worn every day for nearly two years now, as shown by the fact that it's in nearly every outfit picture I post! If I had more cash in my wallet though here are some items that would be mine before you could say Marc who?!

All items from Net-a-Porter and The Outnet

Who is your favourite designer? And do you own any of their designs?


Becky C. said...

Marc by Marc Jacobs pieces are amazing! I'm currently lusting over a beautiful tiered dress and those adorable little mouse shoes of his.

Vivienne Westwood is my other favourite designer (cliched I know!) - all her pieces are so distinctively cut whilst remaining classic, feminine and beautiful.

daisychain said...

I love Marc by Marc Jacobs, so much.

My only designer piece is a D&G watch that was a 21st Birthday present!

Hayles said...

I love the colours in the first pic so much!

Sadly I have no designer stuff, but a girl can think about Mulberry handbags (and occationally stroke them)

The Haute-Shopper said...

I prefer the MBMJ line to his main line as well. They're just so fun and colorful. I have a coat from the range which I simply adore and my favorite pair of shoes (the mouse flats). Luckily I got all of this on sale. I agree about diffusion lines... McQueen's diffusion line is a lot more fun as well, although I like his runway shoes just as much.

Damsels said...

unfortunately i cant think of a designer that i realyl love who's designs wouldnt bankrupt me if i bought them right now ..
but when i can ,,when i get older i would buy some comme des garcons pieces and ofcourse marc jacobs ,

MJ said...

I love the colour palette in the first set of images so much! Unfortunately I'm far too broke to own anything designer, even a diffusion line - but I have promised myself that once all the hard uni work has paid off and I get a decent job I will save up for a Chanel Classic! One day...


Jen said...

ahh, marc jacobs is great and i really admire his use of color. now if only i had a little bit more money in my bank account :P

Lindsey said...

Oh my, that bow watch is so adorable!!

Tricia said...

I have wanted a marc jacobs pendant watch (preferably a fruit) for a long time!