Thursday, 10 December 2009

Tampax Pearl Swishing Party

Last night I (and lots of other lovely bloggers and guests) went to a Swishing party at Punk, hosted by Tampax Pearl. I have to admit I was a bit useless at the event. Work's been driving my crazy, and I managed to totally forget my camera, my 'Where is Harriet' badge, my guests(!) and the time as I dashed away early!

But despite all that I had such a great time!

I met up with Leia from HiFashion and her lovely friends, Nicola from FAB (who was one of the organisers), and MJ from Dreaming Spires and Old Car Tires for the first time. I also ate a lot of free food (and I mean a lot! Every time poor Leia saw me I had another sandwich in my hand! I was trying not to have to cook when I got home you see!) and came away having successfully swapped my old clothes for shiny new ones as well! I'd call that a big win!

So what did I get?


A lovely bag with my name on it (it's sporting the sadly forgotten badge too!)

P1040652 P1040655

Containing this Topshop skirt! Apologies for the picture, it's so dark when I get home from work nothing comes out right sadly. It's grey, short and ruffly which are my three favourite things though, so I was very happy!

Thanks so much to Nicola and everyone involved for inviting me! Check out Flickr for more photos of the event.


Leia said...

The skirt looks great on you! It's so pretty.

And honestly, you didn't eat that much! I grew up with boys who had voracious appetites... compared to them you were like a sparrow! Hehe.

I need to get my pictures organised - hopefully I'll put them all up by Saturday. Got some good ones of you :)

Harriet said...

Wow the skirt looks so great with that dusky-rose top! Love the shoes too :)

MJ said...

I LOVE that skirt. I loved it when you picked it up - it's exactly your kind of thing! It was so nice seeing you, too!

daisychain said...

Wow, fab things!

Mermaid said...

I love that skirt and you have a lovely figure.