Monday, 18 January 2010

Alice by Temperley

 Good news for anyone who's ever fallen in love with one of Alice Temperley's exquisite intricate gorgeous pieces and then seen the £1,000+ price tag - The Sunday Style Magazine reliably informs me she's about to launch her new diffusion line for Spring/Summer 2010!

When I see her clothes in Selfridges and Harvey Nick's (my favourite places for a bit of designer ogling!) they always seem so delicate and detailed I worry that just by breathing on them I might do some sort of irreparable damage so the idea of owning something with the same quality of design but a much lower price seems both safer and more desirable!

I could find very little information, and even fewer photos despite quite a lot of time searching the internet, so for now I'll have to be content with these pictures of a few items from The Sunday Style and a sneak picture of the upcoming website.

The close ups of the items look a little plain compared to what I think of as Temperley style, but other items like most of the models' clothes in the first picture have me swooning. All pictures via The Times Online unless otherwise stated.

L-R: Tiger Jumpsuit, £240, Waistcoat, £194, Boat Jacket, £224, Venetia Trousers, £154, Belt, £90, Dress, £286, Eagle Jacket, £440
Pink Dress, £294, Animal Shirt Dress, £219
Coat, £386, Mini Mimi stripe dress, £154
T-shirt, £68, Jumpsuit, £286
A look at the forthcoming website via Nation


PinkBow said...

absolutely gorgeous but still a little on the pricey side :(

Sherin said...

Everything looks amazing, but yup: still a bit expensive. But that stripe dress definitely looks like its worth it.

(Those New Look heels are actually surprisingly comfy!)

Shopgirl said...

That stripy dress is gorgeous and I love the carosel tee! I want them both but still a little pricey perhaps?! xx

Leia said...

I agree - pretty clothes but not really worth the price tag, in my opinion. They look a lot like high-street items but lack high street affordability!

Harriet said...

I agree! If there was something really stand out in the collection I might be tempted, but at these prices, too expensive!