Thursday, 28 January 2010


Oh wow, I've been having such a busy time lately, I've hardly had the chance to blog! On tusday I had an amazing evening out thanks to Pizza Express, where I learnt how to make their Leggaria pizza!

I was told I could bring a friend, so I asked my London bff Reda to come along with me, although I didn't tell her I had a blog until about 10 minutes before, so Hi Reda! I don't know if anyone else has gone through the expirience of coming out of the blogging closet to their friends already? I often feel like I have two lives, a blogging one and a real one, and I'm slowly bringing the two a little closer together!

Tor, Reda and I

Anyway, back to Pizza Express! When we got there we immediately me the lovely Tor from fabfrocks. It was so great to chat to such a veteran blogger (she's been blogging for four years, a pretty long time in blogterms!), I always get so enthused whenever I get to talk all things blogging and fashion with people, I love it! We also chatted with a nutritionist and a life coach, and I got lots of good tips about diet (eat breakfast people!) and running (turn exercise into a positive experience by thinking of all the lovely things in your life while you do it!)

PizzaExpress_jansocial 035
The creation of a masterpiece!

Finally, after I'd downed one too many glasses of wine on an empty stomach, we got onto the pizza making part! This was so much fun but I was so awful at it! My pizza was very lumpy and definitely not round! Thankfully our amazing pizza chef Mike was there to save the day and made it look a lot better!

My creation
Evolution of a pizza - dough to done!

Leggaria pizzas have a hole in the middle with salad in it, so they're only 500 calories a pop, however I covered mine rather in toppings so I think I breached the 500 limit just a bit! The wine and the icecream didn't help much either! It was so yummy though, and I'd definitely recommend it as a way to get the best of both worlds - a yummy pizza and a salad!

Thanks so much to Mike and everyone else who made it happen, I had a lovely evening!

Do you think he looks relieved that we're done?!


Tzoules said...


looks like u have fun :D

Helen said...

hmm pizza. what a fun evening!

Sherin said...

Sounds like such an fun evening. The pizza's look good and wow: they're only 500 calories.

I understand about having 2 different lives. I feel like that all the time!! My real life is in Politics, so the 2 are completely different!

tor (fabfrocks) said...

It was so great to meet you on Tuesday and I think the pizza's turned out great! YUM!

Vixel said...

I was invited to this too, but couldn't make it due to work and living way too far away. Looks like you had great fun!

daisychain said...

oh man I totally want pizza now

Reda said...

aah! Hi Haz. Thanks so much for taking me along was super fun.

I have looked through the entire archives of your blog now to make up for not having read it throughout 2009. (and also did a search and found i came up 5times before this post cos I am vain and geeky and curious) mwahahaha

<3 blog. <3 youuu