Thursday, 14 January 2010


Over Christmas I rewatched the first series of Pushing Daisies, the most adorable television show possibly ever. Given how cold and snowy it's been in the UK recently I fell in love with Chuck's white and green outfit from the episode Corpsicle. When it's cold and miserable my instinct is to immediately turn to black but how nice instead to wrap up in cream and tan and leaf green?

(I love her and Olive's sleepover pjs too!)

pictures via emma jane


Rachel said...

I only ever watched a few episodes... but it was adorable. I love pie.

Kate said...

Oh gosh, I went through a period where I actually wanted to be Chuck. Minus the dead part. But I totally fell in love with her wardrobe & her whimsical outlook... and I totally fancy Ned. I miss Pushing Daisies, it's such a shame it ended so abruptly.

Sherin said...

I was meaning to get into this show! I love her snoow outfit! Its so adorable.

Helen said...

I loved this show when it first came out but then stopped watching it because i'm always too busy. I may have to buy it on DVD though now! Her outfits were a big highlight of the show.

The Sequin Cat said...

The styling of this show is so delicious!

Adventures of a Sequin Cat

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I still haven't seen this show, but the stills I keep seeing online make it seem marvelous!