Friday, 15 January 2010

Tea Leaves


From the Chinese Tea Reader Ch'a-su

Suitable moments for drinking tea:
When we are interrupted while contemplating
During a good conversation deep into the night
When there is a light soft drizzle
With agreeable friends and slim concubines
When the children are at school
In a bamboo grove on a spring evening
Under unusual rocks.

Unsuitable moments:
At the theatre
While opening letters
When the children are not at school
In torrential rain

To be avoided when drinking tea:
Sullen servants
Bad waters
Money worries
Large gatherings

To be avoided at all costs:
Shrieking children
Squabbling women
Garrulous people
Noisy streets


MaryBeth Hughes said...

how perfect?! i'm reading this post while enjoying some irish breakfast tea. happy weekend!!

daisychain said...

I'm obsessed with tea.

Rachel said...

I have the highest respect for anyone with a penguin classics mug. Love that photo!

Sherin said...

Love this. The 'to be avoided' list is hilarious.

MJ said...

My new favourite word is 'garrulous'. I will try and use it in inappropriate conversations several times tomorrow...

I'm afraid I don't actually like tea, but I drink coffee in exactly the same spirit... promise...

Harriet said...

MJ - It's ok, I'm more of a coffee person too! However sometimes when I'm in real need of calming down tea is the only way to go (or when I'm in Wagamammas and the green tea is free!)

Must find some unusual rocks to drink it under though...