Monday, 1 February 2010

Computers suck, read a book!

Am suffering from computer problems at the moment (mainly my computer dislikes something I installed and has been throwing a hissy fit ever since!) so I bring you the longest bookshelf in the world! Books have never yet crashed on me! It's to celebrate Ikea's Billy Bookshelf's 30th birthday, happy birthday Billy!

Don't you just wish you were on Bondi Beach with a good book right now? Souce: Zimbio


Helen said...

ahhh i love this. it reminds me of the outdoor honesty bookshops at hay on wye.

Tiny Quirks said...

oh, those books! i wish!

Claire said...

BEACH BOOKS!! Incredible, why didn't I think of a beach book shelf?

I know, re: blaming bloggers - what are they blaming us for? Being interested, being invited, pushing us out of "their" rightful seats? The editors need to get over it, being invited to the shows is a privilege not a right.

MJ said...

Great examples of a design classic - and their idea for a photoshoot is genius!

daisychain said...

beach and books = heaven

Sherin said...

Oooo, very cool. I love reading aswell! Hope your computer sorts itself out.

Rachel said...

That is amazing! I ♥ bookshops so much! I love the internet to bits but the only thing I hate about it is that I think its made me read much less, and for a Literature student thats never a good thing!