Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Cozy Tweetup

This is just a quicky as I am off to bed in a few minutes - today I went to my first (and definitely not the last!) Tweetup. A tweetup, for those not in the know, is a twitter meetup. I am not the best at just turning up and starting chatting to people, so I was pretty nervous to begin with, but my friend Reda and I went for morale boosting pizza before hand, and then headed over to the tweetup determined to get in to the spirit of things!

At first we were a bit lost and couldn't quite work out who was a twitterer and who was just trying to have a quiet drink and watch the football, but before long someone introduced themselves to us and we soon got in to the swing of things.

It was really nice to just meet and chat to people in a bar without an agenda, and to know that they were all there just to be friendly and meet people too. Ordinarily just starting chatting to someone in a bar either means you're trying to pull, or you're a bit weird, or both! It was funny though, I was about the only one there who didn't work in PR or Social Media in any way! I think word quickly got around that I had a 'real job', as I overheard someone saying 'I've met so many different people tonight, I've even met an accountant!'

I would definitely recommend going to a twitter event in you're that way inclined, they're a really nice way to meet people in a friendly environment, and while you might not make any new best friends, you will probably gain a follower or two, and have a very fun evening!

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I forgot to bring my camera so I'll have to leave you with one from Reda's iphone of me with our very pink drinks beforehand, mine is strawberry cider, and hers is a much more healthy strawberry and banana smoothie!


Tasha said...

Sounds like a fun idea! I haven't heard of that before! I would be nervous though!

Fashion Pix said...

I also never heard of that before, it sounds like a lot of fun!

Claire said...

Aww I think it sounds good!! And hahahaha for having a "real" job! Awesome. I get the same thing, even though I've not started yet. I had it worse with my undergrad degree...

Marie said...

I've never heard of a Tweetup before! But it definitely seems like something that could be interesting.
(by the way, that smoothie looks delicious!)

Sherin said...

Sounds like a great event! It must havfe been so much fun.