Thursday, 25 February 2010

How to Buy a Suit

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Vivienne Westwood Red Label and Acquascutum A/W 2010

I am firmly of the belief that almost everyone will, at some point in their lives need to wear a suit. I know not everyone is a Lawyer or an Accountant and needs to wear one every day, but it is an invaluable item in your wardrobe that will see you through all kinds of formal occaisions from interviews to work expirience, weddings to funerals! And if you buy a good suit, it will last you for the next ten years if not longer.

I'm going suit shopping after work today, and this is what I'll be looking for...

.Spend as much as you possibly can. It doesn't have to be expensive, but when it comes to suits money really does (or should) buy quality.If your budget isn't big, you can get great (machine washable!) suits from places like Miss Selfridge, Warehouse and M&S.

.A knee length skirt. I love short skirts, but work is so not the place. I love pencil skirts that hit just below the knee at the moment - very Madmen and super flattering.

.Take your shoes with you! I hate it when my trousers drag in the dirt, or worse, are so short you can see my socks! They're a bit heavy to carry around shopping, butwill save a nightmare later when you realise those perfectly fitting trousers? Not so much!

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Paul Smith Woman and Chanel

.Work it around your wardrobe. You don't have to stick to just wearing a suit for formal occaisions, go for a blazer which you can pair with jeans as well, or a skirt that looks great with casual tops too.

.Interesting detailing. Suits should never be boring - you should feel great every time you put it on! I love anything with ruffles, sharp shoulders or crazy lapels.

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Chloe and Vivienne Westwood Red Label

.A great fit. Yes, you can have things tailored, and I always do if I love it that much, but if you're spending a reasonable amount of money you shouldn't have to make changes to the garment before you've even worn it once.

.Colour and Pattern. I read somewhere once that you should start your career wearing a dark suit, to show you mean business, and as you move up the career ladder you should go for a lighter colour so as not to intimidate the people below you! I have no idea if there's anything in that, but I think becasue a suit is such a formal item you can get away with bolder colours and bigger patterrns than you might ordinarily in the work place.

Most of all have fun with it,and remember to suit up!

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Sherin said...

Ahhhh, I'm so scared for the day when I have to suit up!! I have no idea where to start with them. I do love the Paul Smith one.

Anonymous said...

true about suits! i am a translator and work from home so have very little reason to ever dress up, so when i do occasionally have to, i am suited and booted and more enthusiastic than any other suit wearer in the vicinity! aha. how did the search go? hope you found something you liked!