Monday, 1 March 2010

My Saturday

I had a really lovely weekend just hanging around in Greenwich near where I live. Here is my Saturday.

9am. Time for coffee. My new slippers make getting out of bed slightly easier.

room 011
10am. Oh what to wear?!

11am. Coffee and pottery painting at Biscuit Ceramic Cafe.

12 am. Done! I sent my Vase off to be fired along with my boyfriend's mug and my sister's heart shaped vase. Hers was very cute - she's way more talented than me when it comes to this sort of thing!

1pm. Off to the market for lunch. There were so many amazing sights and smells but I went for a Louisiana Hotdog in the end.

2pm. A trip to the Maritime Museum - one of my favourites from my childhood. Lots of Nelson's things including his socks!

P104093823pm. Exit through the gift shop - time to pose by a giant anchor.

4pm. Time for more coffee, where better than Greenwich Beantime?

5pm. Walking home the rain stopped and the sun came out.

P10409496pm. Dinner, wine and Benedick's Mints. At this point I sat down with my boyfriend and my parents and watched Charlie WIlson's War so the photos would get a bit boring from here on in!


daisychain said...

fantastic post! so interesting.

Ashley said...

I love your closet, it's so organized! Next year I get a walk-in, so now I just need to get enough clothes to fill it! Oh and Charlie Wilson's War is one of my favorites, I hope you liked it! (Oh and your jacket is amazing)

Leia said...

It sounds like the perfect day! :D

Sherin said...

What an amazing Saturday! I really want to go Greenwich now! The maritime museum sounds really fun!

MJ said...

Love how spacious your closet is: mine's all just massively jammed in!

Claire said...

BENDICKS!! They do "Bitter Gingers" too, I saw them in Selfridges and felt the need to purchase! Looks like such a great weekend. ANd I want to go to the Biscuit Ceramic place!

E is for Eleanor said...

I love Greenwich so much :) Great photos xx

Helen said...

wow your closet looks amazing! i'm jealous. i need more space!

PinkBow said...

i absolutely LOVE these posts! what are blogs for if not a peak into someone's day. more!