Thursday, 29 April 2010

My Wardrobe Autumn/Winter 2010


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to the My-Wardrobe press day. As you've seen from my earlier post I am a bit in love with their website, so I was very excited to get to see all their Autumn/Winter 2010 collections early. There were some really lovely things, I was especially enamoured of the shoes. As you can see from the above photos there were some great studded heels and shoe-boots. For the clothes themselves obviously there were a lot of dark colours, but I loved seeing the brighter colours as well, some lovely reds, greens, some great patterns and lots of gorgeous beading, oh and I don't think nudes will be going anywhere fast either.

Obviously coats are a big part of the Autumn/Winter season, and there were so many soft and lovely ones to pet! Lots of faux-fur, shearling and sheepskin to be seen - anything warm and snuggly is perfect, which was a bit odd given that I was looking them in the balmy London April weather, in a sweaty room crammed with bloggers and assorted press people!

Speaking of press people I had my first experience of their not so friendly attitude towards bloggers yesterday. I was kneeling down trying to get a good photo of a shoe when I heard a woman behind me say to her friend '...Oh and look, all the little bloggers are here taking their little photos...' At this point I (being a little blogger taking my little photos) just turned around and looked at her and she sort of laughed a little bit and moved on. I really wish I'd had the guts to say something to her, and ask her what exactly the problem with bloggers taking photos was, but of course I was too scared, so I ignored it.

I figure she just wanted all the cupcakes for herself anyway!


Leia said...

Ooh Harriet, your pictures came out so beautifully! I think you're well on your way to becoming a pro photographer :)

On another note, I had no idea that there were snooty press people around yesterday! I wish you had said something to her, but I don't think I would have been able to, had I been in your situation. Ah well, I think they're just jealous (although they really shouldn't be, at least they get paid to go to press events and write about them!)

Andrea said...

I love your wardrobe! :)

PinkBow said...

i would have died and gone to heaven!

i've heard this negativity towards bloggers recently, so sorry to hear you were on the receiving end of it. i really think it boils down to the fact that they really must feel threatened - or why pass comment? it's interesting really that they would be affected in such a way.

(and thanks for your kind comment too xoxo)

Jen said...

Aaaah, fashion is a cruel, cruel business! I think those little photos taken by that little blogger are absolutely fantastic!

Those shoes are calling out to me... buy meeeee, buy meeeeeeeee! :)

Claire said...

Umm I would TOTALLY have turned around and said something! I wish I'd been there just for that! Snobby cow!! I couldn;t go, I was law-studenting instead. Grrrrr.

It looks good though, but I rather feel it's a little spoilt from your experience.

E is for Eleanor said...

Seriously, amazing photos of some beautiful pieces!

The bitches are just jealous unfortunately ;) x

Krissy ♥ said...

Oh my gosh, all of those shoes! The lacey ones in your second picture are just... yumm!

Snooty press lady aside, sounds like it was quite the experience. :D

Sherin said...

The pics are great! I loved the shoes there and it was so fun meeting you.

OMG, I can't believe she said that! I'm not liking how the press have such a negative attitude towards bloggers. We work just as hard as them!!

Rachel said...

I want all of that stuff! And the fabric on the Westwood dress... and the shoes! And the bags! I think I may just be in love...

Carmen said...

I love the shoes, they're gorgeous, great pictures.

I know the weather has been gorgeous lately, I'm not liking the look of those grey clouds that I can see forming!


Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

those studded spikey peeptoe heels?! heaven!

and seriously, wtf is wrong with people like that! would be interesting to know what she has against bloggers. i stand by thumper in the bambi movie "if you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all."

Helen said...

oh gosh what a spiteful person! i would have been too scared to say anything too though hehe. you got some lovely photos though, i especially love the sonia blouse/dress thing! i love sonia rykiel.

Dusk said...

Oh Harriet... on behalf of my fellow journalists, I apologise for how horrible some are due to their insecurities and lack of adaptability.

As a journalist, I do understand how the rise of the Blogger makes some feel that 'we' are becoming obsolete. It can get annoying in the same way that first aid courses do not a doctor make.

However you can still be a fabulous cook without training to be a chef... so I get very angry at fashion journalists who negate the importance of style bloggers. It's a form of elitism and snobbery and snobbery is merely a thinly disguised fear of being usurped.

By the way... fashion journalists do not have the freedom fashion bloggers do with photographs. They have to rely on photo agencies and the creative department is in charge of that! So... lack of power grudge much?

You should have just smiled sweetly and said; "yes, they're for my big fan base. Why are you here?"

Snarky people are thorns. Don't be afraid to cut them down. Sometimes a smile is all it takes... but a zinger comeback is good too!

Now on to more important things... some of these pieces are divine!! That lips bag!! Studded peeptoe heels!!

Thanks for coming by, hope to see you again!


[ps. I'm not a fashion journalist but know many and oh boy... apparently they're the second coming]