Friday, 25 June 2010

Aussome Volume

Who want's big hair?

Our amazing stylists Amber and Zara


On Thursday I enjoyed one of the best perks of being a blogger - getting to go to the best parties! The party in question was a Swinging Sixties themed trip to a private emember's club in London to join my fellow Aussie Angels at the Aussome Volume party. We were all there to learn a few tips and tricks from the wonderful Aussie Stylists - Zara and Amber on how to achieve properly Motown-worthy big hair, and they did not disappoint! By the end we were all Beehive'd up and ready for a trip back in time, or at least a crack at some 60s karaoke!

I think my favourite transformation of the night was definitely Zoe from London Lipgloss - she's in the glasses above and looked absolutely stunning, and just a bit like she should be on the set of Austin Powers by the end! I also met the fabulous Kelly from PlaneBeauty (who is excellent at Karaoke!) and Dena from Pretty Little Things as well as lots of other bloggers I didn't get much time to talk to sadly.

The stylists were incredibly talented, especially given that they were doing our hair in the dark with no mirrors and had a long queue of very excited Angels to get through! A big thank you to Emma, and the rest of the Aussie Crew for orgainising everything and making the evening so much fun!


Leia said...

It looks like an amazing evening! Aussie parties are always the best. Everyone's hair looks fantastic!

Lauren said...

You look gorgeous! What a fun night! Lovely pictures:D

Sherin said...

Looks like such a fun evening. Aussie do pretty awesome events. I love Zara: she is the greatest hairstylist. I've had my hair done 2ce by hair and both times it looked fantastic.

Rachel said...

You look lovely - it looks like you had such fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures hun! Was fab meeting you last night, had a great time xx

Marie said...

You look fantastic! And everyone looks like they were having a good time.

Style Eyes said...

Looks like really good fun. How comes I never get invited to such things. Great hair!

Barbara said...

Looks like real fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome event! I would love to have been 'beehive'-ed myself!


and flowers pick themselves said...

these are so wonderful! i love the colors + light. so cool!

xo Alison

Amylea said...

stunning photos! love the colours.

{no, it's not about birds}

Anonymous said...

hey lovely,

what gorgeous photos. I am so angry at myself for forgetting my camera. I had so much fun and it was great meeting you. Hope to see you soon again at an event.

Dena xoxo

Helen said...

oohi love 60s style bouffants! they are all the rage in liverpool too, you see girls going to the supermarket on a saturday with curlers in their hair getting ready for the night out. hehe. this is a much classier way to do it though.

PinkBow said...

this looks like such a fun event!

Reda said...

:D such a fun night, thanks again for inviting me.... I look maniacal in that first pic! The one of you with a pouty-mcpout-face is awesomeness I love it. xxx

B said...

Everyone looks so gorgeous. A swinging sixties themed party? I could not be more envious of you :)

B from A plus B

Zoe said...

these are such lovely pictures, thankyou harriet! i have stolen a couple teehee. was lovely to meet you hopefully i'll get to see you again. lovely blog post xxxxx