Monday, 14 June 2010

The Glad Game

What with one thing and another I've been a bit down lately, but I have taken a leaf out of Pollyanna's book and found a lot of things to be glad about never the less. Here's what's making me happy at the moment.

1. my mum bought me this cute cruet set in the shape of a mushroom several years ago and forgot to give it to me! We found it when we were looking through the cupboards for a fruit bowl the other day.

2. Is this not the most amazing invite ever? The Aussome Volume party hosted by Aussie Haircare is in a couple of weeks and it's 60s themed so they send me a Vinyl LP as the invite!

3. I read everyday on the way to and from work so I am getting through books pretty quickly at the moment. My latest is a mysterious (more so than usual!) detective novel set in a strange dystopic detective agency. Ok, so it's better than it sounds!

4. My friends are getting married! It's not until September but I'm already planning a lovely weekend away and naturally my outfit. It's going to involve a very large hat!

5. Green and Black's make the best chocolate ever. I got some mini bars from my boyfriend's mum for my Birthday and they make the best snacks.

What's making you glad?


Kate @ Earth vs. The Wild Heart said...

Aw, Harriet - sorry to hear you've been a bit down recently. Hope you perk up soon! That Aussome Volume invite is super cute though. I love invites with mega effort.

Lauren said...

Those mini bars are so cute! Sorry to hear you've been down friend. Hope you feel better soon:) x

meggasus said...

Wow these are such lovely little things!! Just seeing what made you glad passed the happiness on to me :)

what is making me glad is the coffee I'm sipping on right now!

Love your blog!
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E is for Eleanor said...

I think I feel the same at the minute, a bit down.

Things that make me glad- making my Queen of Hearts outfit for my friends Alice Tea Party at the weekend, music, planning holidays etc.

Hope you feel better soon! x

Leia said...

Don't be down Harriet! <3

I love everything in this post. The cruet set is sooo cute. And green & blacks chocolates are incredibly tasty!

Jen said...

Ooooh - I can't wait for my Aussome Volume invite! It's so pretty!

Sorry to hear you're feeling down, but it's the little things that cheer you up. I feel the same! xx

and flowers pick themselves said...

lovely post. i'm sending you happy thoughts :)

xo Alison

Sherin said...

These are great things. Theres nothing like a good book to make you feel better!

The Trendy Fashionista said...

Thanks for sharing this with us :)

-The Trendy Fashionista

Anonymous said...

That mushroom set is so cool! Also I'd love to go to that 60s themed Aussie event, it sounds awesome!

A good bowl of soup noodles makes me glad...and cleaning up my room!


The Style Scout 2 said...

Lovely shot Harriet! come by and visit when you have a chance...

Imogen said...

I hope you are ok, I have been feeling the same lately but fortunately since my exams finished today, things should be looking up. Thanks for sharing your list of wonderful things and lovely items.

PinkBow said...

hope you're feeling better now. we all get down days, i know i do. and then something small & amazing happens. i just love the fact that your mum forget to give you a gift years ago & then found it. this is such a good cheer up!