Thursday, 10 June 2010


Pictures Courtesy Net-a-Porter

I am in need of a massive bag to tote all my rubbish around with me. Too bad Lanvin is a little out of my price range for everything, most especially tote bags! Any ideas on cute cheap shoppers?


Erimentha said...

love this tote so much! :)

Gem said...

How much is that one out of interest?
There's probably some lovely ones on etsy.


and flowers pick themselves said...

i love the straps! awesome tote :)

xo Alison

Marie said...

I really, really want that.
I would check either ebay or etsy...there's always someone selling something good.

Leia said...

My friend bought me a gorgeous and inexpensive one from Anna Lou. I think it's called the alphabet bag *roots around to find link* Ah! Here you go

I think they've got them in-store at Carnaby St (they're prettier in real life...)

Let us know what you decide to get! I love totes - they're great for lugging around books, laptops, or beach/park essentials.

janettaylor said...

Etsy? Ooooh or Miss Marc (Marc Jacobs). I have one and soooo massive and cute! Browse the etsy or eBay!

Sherin said...

Ooo, this one is so pretty. Totes are seriously so much fun to carry around.

Rachel said...

Pretty! And try Topshop or Etsy!

PinkBow said...

aawww i would like one of these too!

EilidhPie said...

If you want to be super cheap InStyle are giving away a Moschino tote this month. I normally give my mum freebie magazine bags because they are crap quality (they'll do for the asda shop, no?), but I quite like this one. And its fabric, not that usual, horrible plastic you get with freebies. xxx