Sunday, 24 October 2010

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Fairy Inspiration 2. Delicious vintage wallpaper 3. Gorgeous photos from the Guardian 4. Bored of the Mad Men craze already? How to take inspiration from the show without being so literal about it! 5. Ever wondered if when you're lost in a good book the characters are desparate to get out?! 6. The cutest video from Modcloth 7. A really interesting article on magazine home styling 8. Interior inspiration from The Glamourai

I'm back from Spain and kind of wishing I wasn't! I had such a lovely time, but now I've fallen back into the real world with a bump... My holiday has definitely re-energised me though, and I am brimming over with blog inspiration and can-do-ness! To begin here's an extra long Lazy Sunday Links post of all the things that happened in my absence. There is definitely a homely feel to the links this week, now my holiday is over and winter is approaching ever faster I definitely feel I'm 'nesting'!


MJ said...

Haha, that Mad Men article is good! You know how much I hate the Internet fashion madness for it...

Sherin said...

Perfect Sunday links. the book pictures were so interesting!

Hope you had a great trip away!

WeShop said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday. Love the vintage wallpaper. xx

otherdutchanimals said...

Thanks for the link! Really enjoying exploring your blog x