Sunday, 31 October 2010

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. If I were a witch my best friends would be disney villains... 2. I would dress only in McQueen... 3. I would live in a haunted mansion... 4. And buy my shoes at Selfridges... 5. I'd have a black cat... 6. And disguise myself as one too!

Who can resist a few spooky links this Sunday? I hope not you!


Reda said...

I will absolutely join you in this witchiness xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the links and your description / if I was a witch words. Very clever and fun! x

Krissy ♥ said...

I loved those Disney villain costumes from TCBG. I think I was literally ooh-ing and ahh-ing out loud as I scrolled through them. They were so genius! Malificent (sp?) from Sleeping Beauty was my favourite.

Being a witch who only dressed in Alexander McQueen would be quite brilliant, indeed! If that were the case, I'd sign right up, too. ;)

St├ęphanie said...

I adore !

PinkBow said...

The CBG photographs were amazing weren't they? So creative!

Lucy said...

This made me smileee! Going to go and check them all out now :)


WeShop said...

Great pics, not sure I'd like the haunted house though! xx

Lucy said...

Love your links! Always admire them and how you make them into a little story :)
Particuarly loving the McQueen pic here. Im not being very halloweeny tonight but I did make some iced cakes for children trick or treaters and im hanging out with my black cat! :D

A Flourishing Perspective said...

Love the photos and links. :) Thanks for sharing! And this is very suiting for the day.

Happy Halloween! (Erika and I went trick-or-treating as ghosts!) :)


ching said...

thanks for sharing. i would only wear McQueen too if i get the chance. :D

Sherin said...

The villains photos are great. It's so much fun. And the pictures in the house are gorgeous.