Sunday, 7 November 2010

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Downtown from behind - such a cute tumblr! 2. Can't wait to try out this photoshop tutorial (thanks to Glossary for the link) 3. This is such an adorable story! 4. The lookbook everyone is talking about! 5. Paris v New York 6. The journey of a jewel


and flowers pick themselves said...

great collection! i love that tumblr!

xo Alison

Marinka said...

Love those , thanks for sharing ^^

Sherin said...

Just bookmarked the photoshop tutorial!

Yes...I saw that lookbook! The clothes are seriously amazing.

A Flourishing Perspective said...

Oh I love all of these! Your links are always the best. :) I'm looking at them right now and am super excited to look at the Lookbook one! :)