Monday, 1 November 2010

Vogue Espana


I've started a small tradition of buying a foreign magazine every time I go abroad, and so when I came back from Spain last week I brought a copy of Vogue Espana home with me. I can't read Spanish at all but I enjoyed flicking through the pictures and seeing the differences between the styles and fashions from one country to a next. Admittedly the main difference seemed to be the presence of a lot more tanned models! England definitely seems to stick to the old 'pale and interesting' adage a lot more!

Other than that there was lots of shearling, camel coats and Madmen inspired lady likeness, I felt like I hadn't left home! I really think that particularly in Europe and the USA fashion and trends have become very global, and while I love being able to switch on my computer and see the collections from Milan, Paris and New York I wouldn't mind a bit more variety too!

Or maybe the problem is I am too overexposed to fashion from all around the world, and too used to seeing new ranges in the high street almost every week and nothing seems new anymore? Don't worry, I'm not having some crazy fashion related existential crisis, I guess sometimes I feel like always being one 'fashion' season ahead means you don't get a chance to enjoy the collections when they're meant to be viewed as they already seem old hat. No more shearling aviator jackets please, bring on Spring/Summer already!


Susu Paris Chic said...

I totally see what you mean by things rushing by so darn quickly. I'd love to savor more of the trend goodies... You, me and we all can find our personal, calmer way to sample sartorial cupcakes. Slow fashion, let's start a movement!

Patricia Snook said...

Oh you know, that's something I love too! My heart skipped a beat with relief when after a week in skanky Cyprus, I found a stack of new and old French Vogues {love}


Lucy said...

I do the same! I buy french magazines everytime I go over - particuarly Jalouse!
Im looking forward to meeting you at the Aussie Bonfire Night!
Will be fuuuhhhn!

Cara said...

I bought Spainish Vogue aswell when I went to Lanzarote, over the summer. It's so much cheaper, no?!

Sherin said...

Buying international fashion magazines is such a great idea. These pictures are great.

I agree that there doesn't seem to be anything new out there these days.

SabinePsynopsis said...

I'm doing this too! I buy a Vogue in every country I go to, and now I can remember where I was in the last 10 years. It's great. Love the dress in the 2nd picture!

PinkBow said...

I like to buy foreign magazines too. Although the Spanish tanned look isn't really my taste

Mat said...

you gotta buy foreign magazines, i mean you don't need to worry about the text and usually each county has a different angle. good stuff

Rachel said...

Beautiful - one of the things I love most about having a house in France is an opportunity to buy their fashion magazines!