Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Winter's Tale

click on each photo to visit their lookbook

My computer remains broken, so I'm afraid today's post courtesy of my parents' computer is all about the inspiration rather than the execution of the perfect winter's day outfit. I know there has been a lot of criticism lately about Lookbook and Chictopia and similar but I still find them great places to look for inspiration, in the same way that I would look at models in a runway show or magazine editorial. These are some of my favourite wintery looks, though they're surprisingly hard to find, everyone seems to take off their coats before they go run in the snow for their winter outfit photos!

What's your ideal wintery outfit? I love fur and hats and fairisle knits and thick wooly scarves with bright red coats as you can see!

In other news my amazing computer genius friend Min is coming to help me install a new harddrive tomorrow so fingers crossed that will do the trick and bring my baby back to life!


Lauren said...

All the best for your machine Harriet! Those first two pics are amazoooo! I love coats cuz I never get to wear 'em :)

WeShop said...

Love the cape that the girl on the bike's wearing. Hope the computer gets fixed - fingers crossed. xx

Danni and Maria said...

awww really hope your computer is fixed soon! Not that we'd notice- yet another lovely post :)
I love the look of short skirts with thick tights and boots in winter - lots of layers!


E is for Eleanor said...

WOW! What a fantastic collection of outfits! My favourite? The lilac-haired lovely in the blue and fur coat! x

Christy said...

This makes me excited for wearing more winter clothes. I love your picks :)

Christy of Dress Rehearsal

daisychain said...

These photos actually make me excited for Winter,

disregarding the fact I can never look that polished in cold weather!

Lucie said...

I love these outfits - especially the first outfit and the little red riding hood jacket! So cute. Hope your computer gets fixed soon x

Mia said...

Those are some lovely pics. I don't know how to rock winter at all...It's only my second one in Europe and I have no idea how to cope with the cold so I just end up covering myself in layers upon layers until I resemble some kind of clothing blob. At least I'm warm though!

and flowers pick themselves said...

those vivid blue shoes are beyond rad. awesome post!

xo Alison

A Flourishing Perspective said...

hello, harriet!

what a lovely post. :) i love all of these! i'm so excited for winter outfits! they're the best. i love the colours and the textures and the patterns you can play with during that season...and i love christmas! i'm looking forward to picking outfits for the upcoming holidays. :)


Sherin said...

Great inspirational looks here!!!
I love the girl in the blue shoes, and the girl in the red coat!!

tor (fabfrocks) said...

I am obsessed with the girl in the top pictures hair! Some great looks!

Louder Than Silence said...

Such a great post - I love them all but if I had to pick I'd go for the 'litte red riding hood' picture.

Sally x

PinkBow said...

the girl with the blue accessories on the bench is pretty amazing!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

I love red coats too! And generally anything cozy looking and bright!

nora chou said...
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Kb said...

Lovely images. I feel as if I get too overwhelmed by these sites as there are such amazingly dressed people on there but it's nice to take a look occasionally. I think I do prefer just reading blogs as I've edited what I read from the thousands of blogs out there. That being said, I love how the first girl is layered and the outfit with the red coat.

janettaylor said...

Great selection! YAY!


Cassidy said...

Winter is my favorite season to dress for! I love wearing petticoats, dresses, tights, and scarves. :)

kaitlin monroe said...

these photos are lovely! winter is the best season for fashion in my opiion