Sunday, 19 December 2010

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. If you like christmas and you like food this is a must read online magazine 2. A gorgeous springtime fashion shoot to remind me of warmer times! 3. I kind of love this Christmas video from Topshop 4. A welcome fashion flashback 5. The primark S/S11 lookbook has been doing the rounds, and damn it's pretty! 6. The Cherry Blossom girl visits Chanel.


Alice said...

I keep dreaming of a Christmas hamper full of sweet treats and wonderful home-made delights, I love Christmas food the best.
And of course all stuffed into a traditional wicker basket, like the one in the first link xx

E is for Eleanor said...

Beautiful choices! I love Cherry Blossom Girl's Chanel exploits! x

PinkBow said...

lovely links...i would love to visit chanel!!

PinkBow said...

oops, forgot to say...i love the new layout :-)

Leia said...

What a beautiful new layout Harriet!


rebecca said...

the primark lookbook is surprisingly good! and i looove the topshop video (:

Meg said...

thank you so so much for these wonderful links Harriet!
the online magazine is FAB! such amazing ideas for food on there!
Merry Christmas<3

Sarah said...

I looooove that Kirsten Dunst editorial, can't believe that I haven't seen it before!

mckenzie. said...

Chanel is just, never surpassed. By any designer. Not even Marc Jacobs.

Christy said...

That first food blog linnk is Lovely. I always like discovering new food-related websites.

Christy of Dress Rehearsal

Danielle @ Antiquated Treasures said...

Wonderful links!! I especially love the first and last. You're blog is so precious, I'm a new follower!! <3

Reda said...

Hmm - what did you make of the Primark lookbook? I loved the first 3 looks but became progressively more disappointed as I scrolled down..

Congrats on the new domain! Big love xxx

Sherin said...

That online magazine is so perfectly Christmassy!! But after looking at the Spring photoshoot, I'm more in the mood for Spring!!!

Also, kinda impressed by the primark lookbook.

P.S. Your new layout looks amazing!!

Krissy said...

Fantastic collection of links yet again! That Kirsten Dunst editorial never gets old. I always love seeing it.

Lucy said...

goddamn i love your links! Always so good :)
Ive seen the topshop vid and love the strong sense of era and nostalgia but dont you think the model is really awkward? just something i picked up on, she didn't seem to know how to act natural..
anyways, sad you couldnt make our xmas party but hey, barely anyone could so.. next year?! hehe