Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Make Up Bag Post

clockwise from top left: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation, BarryM nail varnish, DKNY BeDelicious perfume, Mac gentle waterproof eyemakup remover, Nivea Visage light daily moisturising cream, Estee Lauder lipstick in Plmberry and Rose Tea, Eyeko lip pen in lip lover, Estee Lauder mascara/eyelash primer duo, Mac liquidlast eyeliner in black
If you're bored play spot my face in every reflective surface in the photos!

When I first saw Paula's post on Pink Bow about her makeup bag I loved it and immediately wnated to write one myself. Then I saw Jen from A Little Bird Told Me had done a makeup post and I knew this was a band wagon I was well and truly jumping on!

I consider myself a total makeup novice. I never really knew what to do with makeup in my teens and to be honest I still don't now, so my makeup collection is made up of basic, easy to wear products that require little or no touching up throughout the day.

Estee Lauder

You may notice a high percentage of my makeup is from Estee Lauder. This is because I was given an Estee Lauder makeup kit for christmas from my aunt. All the products in the photos above I really like though, and would definitely buy again.


I bought a foundation for possibly the first time ever just after Christmas, and yes, it was Estee Lauder too! It's the Double Wear Light foundation in the lightest shade they do and I really like it. I confess I bought it after I saw Lily Melrose's foundation review on youtube, but not before getting a sample first! The colour blends really well with my skin and I just wear a bit around my eyes to hide my constant dark circles (from sleep deprivation, not getting into fights!)

I also love Nivea's light daily moisturising cream because it suits my skin really well, and is just the right amount of moisture without being too heavy.


Mac's liquidlast eyeliner in black pretty much changed my life. I have quite sunken eyes so when I use most eyeliners they tend to come off really easily every time I blink. The liquidlast eyeliner however does exactly what it says - lasts for ever and ever! In fact the only thing that does get it off is Mac's own waterproof makeup remover - good selling point Mac!


More Estee Lauder! I don't like the bolder red (Plumberry) so much, but the browny pink (Rose Tea) above is a really pretty natural shade. It's also the one that's pretty beaten up so you can tell it gets more use! Not to mention my Eyeko lip pen I did a review of a month or so ago.


I absolutely love BarryM nail varnishes. They're cheap, cheerful, fantastically colourful and they last really well. Enough said really!

What are your favourite products in your makeup bag? I'd love to know if you have any recommendations to help me expand my selection.


Rachel said...

Those two funny shaped Barry M bottles - are they retro?

Georgina said...

Barry M nail paints are the best, aren't they? I had one of those thinner bottles until recently, too. Just goes to show how long they last - Barry M changed the design of the bottle a while ago!

At the moment my staples are Laura Mercier mineral foundation, MAC Russian Red lipstick, and Benefit BadGal mascara and eyeliner. Actually, anything from Benefit is pretty amazing!

If you're worried about dark circles, have you tried Bobbi Brown's corrector? It's sort of a pre-concealer for the eye area - might be worth a go!

Sophie said...

I am a make up novice too. I tried not to wear any as my skin goes a bit mad with breakouts, but I feel I want to cover it up. I think I need a new foundation, may try yours. Great post :)

Hannah said...

Your make up looks lovely, so natural and cute! I want to do one of these posts now =)

Hannah xx

Leia said...

Heehee, I loved spotting your face in the perfume! I should do a make-up post, too; it's so much fun to peek in other people's bags.

♥ Leia

jillian m. said...

i have to try that eyeliner. i also have a problem with my eyeliner coming off very quickly.

as far as recommendations go, i would suggest maybelline's full 'n soft mascara (love it)! it makes the lashes super thick without making your lashes clumpy or brittle. sometimes, i'll just wear that and skip the eyeliner. also, i'm loving nyx products! their lip glosses are super creamy and the eyeshadows are very pigmented and easy to apply. plus, all their stuff is so inexpensive. i live for nyx cosmetics!

Anonymous said...

ooh that all looks good, and i find all make up reviews really useful!
i have a very old bottle of benefit highlighter (tammy should tell me off because it's at least 6 years old and been open all of that time!) which i love, and their peachy blusher makes me happy.

I also really like rimmel 60 second nail varnish - I never wait for barry m to dry!

daisychain said...

I wish I was as organised as you, my makeup is piled in to one big case!

Shopgirl said...

My make-up is a mess. But after posting that I'd like a lip stain pen for Christmas - I got two! The Topshop one and the Maxfactor one! I love them both! Have staying power and are strong in colour too. A little too strong for me - as I am totally not used to wearing lip colour! But I will persevere and get used to it!

Sherin said...

I need to try MACs eyeliner. I've heard such amazing things about it!
I'm also obsessed with Barry M, and Be Delicious is an amazing perfume.

Kate said...

I was thinking of doing a post like this, just today! But I'm probably the least make-uppy person ever, even more than you. I love nosying in other people's make up bags though. It gives me ideas!

Anonymous said...

Great post, I loved Pink Bow's to, I recently did a what's in m bag post and thought at the time I should do a make-up one but didn't bother as thought people wouldn't want to know. Boy was I wrong and I'll be jumping on this band wagon asap! You have a great selection of make-up! x

janettaylor said...

Perfect collection!


Krissy said...

And what a fun band wagon to jump on. ;) Admittedly, I'm really nosey, so I enjoy these sorts of posts. And I'm a total make-up novice too. I still have no idea what I'm doing. I probably never will. But we try, yes? And that has to count for something. :P

Christy said...

This is a fun post. I always like poking into people's make up bags.
I have the same perfume! I really like the scent. It's fairly unusual and not too strong.

and flowers pick themselves said...

i love physician's formula, revlon, essie, chanel, and aveeno.

great post! i'll definitely try some of these out!

xo Alison

PinkBow said...

yay, i loved seeing this...and photographed so beautifully :-)

elle said...

ahh i know you said you don't like it so much but i think i'm in love with the plum coloured lipstick - i've been after one for ages! x

Anonymous said...

I love EL Doublewear Light, its one of my favourites! Great post xx

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Brilliant my favorite is the owls..

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