Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Everyone's favourite girlcrush Zooey 2. Bambi in lookbook form 3. An ode to Leon, my favourite Fast Food Eaterie 4. When I have my own house I need a chalkboard wall 5. Couldn't leave out my other girlcrush, Clemence Posey 6. The blogger I can't help but be the teensyest bit jealous of.


and flowers pick themselves said...

lovely! the chalkboard wall is wicked cool!

xo Alison

Ashley said...

Zooey really is everyone's crush.
Not only is she adorable, but she's outspoken... not in an obnoxious way, in a smart, clever way.
I love your Lazy Sunday links!

Alice said...

I adore Zooey so much too xx

Sherin said...

I don't know who I love more: Clemence or Zooey. Bith are so gorgeous! And I want both their styles.
And love the chalkboards in the house. Definitely a must have for me when I get my own place.

Jess said...

Ahh I absolutely love Zooey and Clemence, they're both gorgeous!
I've always wanted a chalkboard wall too, they're awesome :) xo

Lulu B said...

Great links totally agree with the girl crushes I love every film Zooey has been in she is soo funny and soo beautiful at the same time :o) xx

Marinka said...

I would love to have a chalkboard wall in my room too just like in 500 days of summer ^^
I love Zooey and Clemence too they are so nicely dressed ^^

Maria said...

Leon is my absolute favourite too! :)

Maria xxx

Krissy said...

Gosh, I'm terribly behind. But even though this is over a week late, I wanted to say that once again, you've compiled a fantastic collection of links. I think this is my favourite round-up! I love every single one of the posts you've linked. Gorrrgeous and so much inspiration.