Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Seriously elegant foody book covers 2. I love these simple but beautiful addition to childhood photos 3. More beautiful book covers 4. For Mothers' Day - Mom Style Icons 5. Forget when I am old I shall wear purple, this is advanced style 6. A seriously covetable apartment


PinkBow said...

i love the apartment you have linked to, oh how i love clutter, candy for the eye!

Fashion Fabrice said...

lovely pictures.. Childhood pix are the best:) great blog by the way!


ellieand said...

ohh my gosh- the ink spotted photos are gorgeous, that transparent colour really reminds me of looking through a kaleidoscope at those transparent beads that you shook around!

My face is HAPPY. thank you harriet, thank you very much XD x

danniekate said...

i want my flat to look like that! it couldn't ever happen, boo. unless i get seriously rich...xx

Rosie said...

I've tagged you in a post! take a peek ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish my apartment was like that :-)

I'm moving to London end of April! Hopefully I will be able to meet up for a blog event type thingy! Would be great fun! x

Emma said...

Gosh, I LOVE these photographs... especially the fourth one. Lovely! Very inspirational, like most of your blog really! You've gained a follower, lady x

Anonymous said...

Love the colours of the books.

flights of fancy said...

My heart stopped when I saw those book covers! I love nothing more than a pretty bookshelf, and I love reading recipe books (despite not being the best cook..!).
Will definitely be purchasing a couple.

Helen said...

those pretty cook books are amazing!

Lemlina said...

Oh my oh my - that shoe cupboard!!