Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Beautiful pictures of Orla Kiely S/S 11 2. If I lived in this apartment building taking the lift would be so much fun! 3. I daydream of long walks collecting seaglass on the beach 4. Having short hair leads me to conclude I need an excessive collection of pretty hairclips 5. This would be the perfect thing if I were an artist. Maybe I just need to buy some colouring in books?! 6. It's scary how someone can express something perfectly, which you thought only you felt.


PinkBow said...

Your hairstyle would totally suit the side barrette!

Susie said...

I am obsessed with the Taro Gomi coloring books--great excuse to pick up some colored pencils like those too!

Vicki said...

lovely selection of photos! happy sunday! x :)

Sherin said...

It's always fun to read your sunday links. Orla Kiely's lookbook looks gorgeous.

Christy said...

I always look forward to your Sunday links; you really do have impeccable taste. And that colored pencil wall display is incredible; I'm so impressed by how creative people can be!

Maria said...

I would love to see you with some cute hairslides like that! Your lazy Sunday links are always so nice to look through!

Maria xxx