Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Dressed up, nowhere to go

jacket - hobbs, dress - dkny, shoes - clarks

I've been experimenting with wearing my favourite Hobbs suit in different ways. Currently I am loving the dress and jacket combo as it's perfect for colder mornings and warm sunny days. This DKNY dress I've worn before and it's one of my most worn items of clothing ever. Definitely an excellent buy, even though it was more expensive than I would normally spend. 

I have very mixed emotions spending money on clothes, which seems odd for a fashion blogger! I am currently not that impressed with the quality of a lot of highstreet clothes. I still spend most of my money there, but I'm definitely much more picky. I'd like to buy a few more quality designer pieces, as the ones I do own I wear so often the price per wear is practically negative, but I can't quite bring myself to spend that much money on one item. Hence I am torn in a state of indecision! 

Would you spend a lot on a single perfect item, or would you rather have several items for the price?


arnique said...

Great question! It is something that I've thought about only recently. I'm in law school and still receiving support from my mother, so I am loathe to spend a lot on clothes, but I know that I do need to invest in smart items that last long and wear well. My mum says cheap is expensive (CPW formula soothes the savage conscience again!) and urges me to 'splurge' on quality pieces but I still can't get used to the idea of charging GBP200 on a pair of shoes or a tailored suit. Decisions, decisions.

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

Georgina said...

Can I just say first of all that it's great to see someone else rocking the "pale and interesting" look! You look fab, and I can't believe your jacket and dress are by different brands! I thought it was a matching set, for sure!

I think that fashion bloggers are seen as celebrities in a way - we're "not allowed" to be seen in the same outfit twice! It makes no sense to me - we're real people, after all!

I have written a lot about thoughtful consumption and how to practice it, and I really hope I can get people to realise that taking care over what you buy is SO much more rewarding than spluring on cheap, poorly made goods. I am definitely all about quality over quantity!

Fiona said...

Lovely outfit combo :D

I used to think that getting more items for my money was the best option, but as the years have gone by, I've found myself 'investing' in key pieces that I love, even though I still very much like to get the most out of my money :)

Fiona x

Rachel said...

I love Hobbs so much, but that dress is so beautiful, and versatile, practical and fantastic!

Jess Q. said...

I understand your position. I buy most of my cloths in department store here in Brazil, and I like the quality, but sometimes i would like buy something a little better, even I need to pay a little more.
I love your shoes!!

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Penny said...

lovely dress!
concerning amount of money spent, i certainly invest heavily on shoes and jeans-especially jeans as I cannot find easily a pair that suits me and when i do find it , i wear it all the time :D
i m more reluctant to spend more money on things like t-shirts or cardigans that i know i destroy very easily!

Maria said...

First of all, you look gorgeous! :) I try to only buy clothes I LOVE rather than just like or need as I figure the cost per wear is negative and so far this has served me well!

Maria xxx

Style Eyes said...

I have the same problem that I find most of the highs street clothes are poor quality but it is difficult to move away from one nice piece of clothing instead of lots of cheaper pieces.In theory I would go for designer, in practice I can never bring myslef to do it

Sirens and Bells said...

I love your outfit :)

I have thought about this a lot, and I'm not sure, because I have a problem spending loads of money on one item, and I get bored of my clothes very easily. I would spend quite a bit on stuff like well-fitting jeans though - because I live in jeans!
Sirens and Bells xx

Leia said...

You look INCREDIBLE Harriet!

As for the designer vs high street... I tend to get bored of clothes very quickly and am not very good at wearing the same item in different ways, SO I tend to buy cheaper items.


Steph said...

I can't really afford to buy expensive things, but I have a knack for getting good deals. I do a lot of e-bay shopping and I have a few buyers that I frequent. I was once shopping at the outlet stores and I found a wool Burberry skirt for $50! I wear it all the time, have had it for years, and it still looks mint!

janettaylor said...

Lovely look!


Lil said...

I've been trying to convince myself to buy designer items for years, but I never seem to be able to do it. When it comes to handing over the money I just panic and think "But there are so many other things I could get for the same amount!" - I did promise myself that once I get my first job after graduating I would give it a try though.
The dress is gorgeous. X

Sherin said...

That dress looks so pretty on you! Love the shape.

I agree about the highstreet: I'm not impressed with the quality/styles either, and the prices are ridiculous! I think it's better to remain mid market: Zara, Warehouse, French Connection. They are a tad pricier than the highstreet, but the quality is better.

Mat said...

agreed too, i buy a lot less now and consider my options much more. feels more satisfying too

─░pek said...

Depends on the item actually. If I am buying a major piece like coat, boots, little black dress, THE bag etc, I'd spend my money almost without a doubt because these things need to be quality but I wouldn't buy expensive daily wear. Ofcourse this appeals to my current income, if I get much richer in the future, I may not think this carefully on what I buy and how much I spend.

SabinePsynopsis said...

The suit looks great on you, Harriet, and I'm sure it will stay with you forever. My very first expensive item were a pair of DKNY trousers which I bought 20 years ago - and I still wear them(guess that answers the question, too). xoxo

My Hideaway said...

That jacket is precious. I would have to err on the side of buying several cheaper items instead of one quality pricey item, just because I can't wear the same thing everyday! Also I try not to spend a lot of money on shoes; I walk every day, and shoes inevitably fall apart. It just makes no sense to spend a lot on shoes unless you drive everywhere and are rarely on your feet. People try to justify it by saying you can get them resoled, but they will still look worn and dirty on top. It's sad, but true.

ellio100 said...

that suit is fantastic! I've just had another wardrobe sort-out, and it's definitely all about the perfect item. I've never managed to part with enough money to buy any new designer clothes, but now I try to only buy second hand... It doesn't help that I'm not good at managing my weight. One day I'll manage my weight better and then I might be willing to spend more on forever clothes.

Raji said...

That dress is beautiful, it's no wonder it's one of your favourite pieces it looks absolutely incredible on you
I've always myself been of the school of thought that I'd rather invest in few but good quality perhaps more expensive pieces that will last, than spend that money on a ton of lesser quality pieces that will be frayed and tatty in a few weeks

Abi said...

The dress is indeed lovely and I like that you've paired it with those shoes.
With spending, I think it depends on the item and how versatile it can be otherwise you just have it sitting pretty in your closet after one wear.

Intrinsically Florrie said...

I get what you mean about high street vs designer. Personally I don't think I buy that much compared to my peers, and then they wonder how I can afford designer items. But I would rather buy one gorgeous handbag I am truly in love with than several lesser ones. I so also feel that the prices in some high street stores are going way up and the quality is not (hello see-through dresses, not the best look).
When I like an item I like it and then it's time to check the price tag and some things are in my range and some of them are just not. Especially as my weight fluctuates with my health problems so spending lots on designer clothes seems silly.

And you look lovely in your outfit!

Florrie x

Susie said...

You look amazing, Harriet!

Rosie said...

i usually go on the side of spending alot on one item, as i find it lasts me longer and is better quality.
however sometimes it is good to do a sale shop to bulk up my wardrobe!
then i have several 'key' expensive items that i can build an outfit around.
love the outfit!
the colour is brill :D
Rosie xo

Elle Enchanted said...

Gah I can finally comment on your blog! It wasn't working earlier. Silly blogger. I love love love your outfit here- you look so beautiful and elegant.

Katie said...

Looking very classy Miss Harriet! :)

Lizzy said...

It's an interesting question. I'm not exactly averse to spending money on clothes, but a bargain feels so much better than full price! I find I love my cheapest clothes for that reason. The highstreet is great, but there are a lot of garments out there that everyone is going to buy, so I prefer to have a rummage in a charity shop for something wacky!

vint junky said...

Yessum, you look a very vintage betty in this. Suits you!

Ohhh, great Q harriet! I'm really drawn to 'buy better, buy less' designer stuff at the mo, but even that doesn't always match my quality expectations, or my budget...

I think a little bit of everything is ok as long as you try to steer clear of the 'fast fashion' trap.
Plus it's nice to mix it up... and have a treat once in a while.


Helen said...

I always do the cost per wear thing when thinking of a big purchase! I feel bad spending more than £60 on a pair of shoes I would wear everyday for work yet used to be able to justify spending £50 on a Topshop dress I would wear on a night out and then forget about. As I'm getting older though I am being more wise with my money and generally investing in items more.

Chuck said...

Yes, it is hard to man up and spend a lot of money on a single item even though you love it more and would get more wear out of it than the three crappy high street pieces you'd easily spend the same amount of money on. I think maybe hold back on high street shopping, in your head save that amount of money you haven't spent and then feel comfortable using it (because it has effectively been put aside) on a great designer piece you love when it comes your way. x

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

I love this! The jacket is so cute!