Wednesday, 15 June 2011


pictures via imdb

Heartbreaker, or L'Arnacoeur to give it its original title has been on my to-watch list for a while, so I was very pleased it made its way to the top of my Love Film list and appeared on my doorstep. I loved it, it was funny and fluffy and clever, and definitely proved that everything sounds better in French!

I've nearly got through all my listed films at the moment so I need to add a few more to my Love Film account - have you seen anything good recently? I like clever romantic comedies, fun thrillers and anything vaguely indie!


Jo said...

Oh goodness, I want to see this so badly! Vanessa is so beautiful!


Penny said...

i ve been meaning to see this since last summer but I could not find appropriate subtitles... and vanessa's beauty is so extraordinary!

Susie said...

I love Vanessa Paradis! I haven't heard about this film before, totally going to check it out now!

Lizzy said...

Apparently there is going to be a US remake... not sure how I feel about this, the original is so perfect and very French. My favourite part is Romain Duris' facial expressions as he brings on the tears! Hilarious :). And V Paradis is so impossibly beautiful.

Indigo said...

oo i fancy watching this!! XX

Filipa said...

Um, have you seen Garden State? It's one of my favourite movies! :)

vint junky said...

I usually like my foreign films darrrrk BUT the sight of miss pardis in these film stills may just persuade me harriet ;)

vint junky said...

I usually like my foreign films darrrrk BUT the sight of miss pardis in these film stills may just persuade me harriet ;)

Danni said...

I've been tempted to join LoveFilm for a while now, although I reckon I might have to wait until I've got a proper income first!
I have to confess I haven't heard of this film, but it certainly sounds like a goodun! x

Kat said...

have you seen "he loves me... he loves me not"? it's a creepy, but if i remember correctly quite pretty french film with audrey tautou. watch!

Sherin said...

This sounds pretty good. Would love to watch it!

Leia said...

Right, I'm off to download this now! :)


Lil said...

This has been on my to-watch list for ages, will have to seek it out ASAP. I watched a really cute indie romcom on iplayer the other night called "In Search of a Midnight Kiss" - it was really sweet, a joy to watch xx

Krissy (Shimmer Like Gold) said...

Funnily enough, I've had this sitting on my hard drive waiting to be watched for months now. I think it's time to move it to the top of my "to watch" queue!

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed this movie and laughed a lot. here a few good films we have watched recently:

- Last Night

- Something borrowed

- New York, I love you

- breaking in and entering

- going the distance

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Dena x

Reg Rodriguez said...

your post got me really curious! gonna watch it soon! :)


Chuck said...

I've been wanting to watch this for ages. Can't wait! Easy A is my top-rated film of the moment. x

Chloe Likes To Talk said...

Might have to watch the original French- sesperately lagging behind on using language since finishing.

Saw Adjustment Bureau lately, thought it was quite good and I love some of the older films like Layer Cake, Full Monty, Taken etc