Monday, 10 September 2012

Blogging with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Android


I've been jealously looking over the shoulders of tablet wielding commuters for way longer than I care to admit, but I've never actually been able to justify purchasing one myself. After all I have an iphone and a laptop, so something half way in between is not something I actually need. Not need, no, but want? Absolutely!

This is where being a blogger is just a little bit awesome. I was offered the opportunity to take one of these babies home with me - a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, to celebrate Samsung's collaboration with Nicholas Kirkwood for Fashion Night Out.

Not going to lie - I am pretty damn excited about it!

First a bit about the tablet.

I haven't used an android device before, so it didn't feel totally intuitive at first as I'm used to the touch screen on other devices, but it didn't take long to master at all. I have the wifi version, but Samsung gave me a 1GB pay as you go sim to take to Fashion Night Out, and I can totally see myself topping up if I was going away for example, to use 3G on the go.

My favourite thing about the Note is probably the S-pen. You can buy a stylus for other tablets, but this one comes built in, and so far I have used it for everything from scribbling down my shopping list (totally the coolest person in Tescos. Ahem...) to drawing on photos - something I've always wanted to be able to do. Got to practice my handwriting before any of those make it on here though!

The note has a camera, which is pretty decent, certainly comparable to a phone camera, but I did feel a bit stupid holding such a big device up to take photos! Taking a photo on my phone feels a bit more subtle, to be honest even my dslr feels subtle compared to the tablet camera! One for inside the house mainly I think.


One of the most exciting apps for me so far is the Photoshop app. Obviously it doesn't have the range of the full version, but it is pretty useful for photo editing on the go. You can use layers and do plenty of basic editing on the Note.

Other than that so far I have the instagram, twitter, pinterest and flickr apps, which are keeping me busy! I have all of these apps for my phone too, but things like pinterest just work so much better on a tablet. I find the app for my phone really clunky and buggy, but on the Note it's a dream. The fantastic thing about android is there are a lot of free apps, and so far all I've actually spent money on is 49p for a book (Anna Karenina by Tolstoy - so I'm getting a lot of pages for my pennies! And yes I am mainly reading it because Keira Knightley is in the film...)


I still think a computer is probably the best blogging device, but for consuming media I think the Note has meant that more often than not in the evening my pc stays off. It's the perfect size for reading blogs on the sofa or in bed, watching  makeup videos on youtube, and using the iplayer app for catching up on my obsession with The Great British Bakeoff!

The only thing that annoys me a little is the fact that the internet browser seems a bit buggy when I use it with bloglovin, but I am hoping downloading a different browser will solve that problem.


I did a search for guides to using android tablets for blogging, but I couldn't find anything that helpful. Hayley and Gem have both written great guides to using ipads for blogging, but I think the android users out there need to catch up!

If you do have any tips for using an Android tablet like the Note for blogging, or read any good blog posts on the topic that I've missed I'd love to know.


Joanna. said...

I'm super tempted to get one of these, but like you said, with a phone and a laptop, I can't really justify getting one :( might treat myself for christmas though... x

Mat said...

flipping heck now that is a perk from blogging, one of the best up to now i bet! looks pretty cool, i'm considering a tablet at the moment

daisychain said...

WOW, I'd die for a chance to bring one of those home!

It looks fabulous, one for the Christmas list!

A Lauren to Herself said...

Wow lucky you, I'd absolutely love one of these!

It'd make freelancing so much easier - and blogging of course x

Jess Lice said...

cool harriet! white tablet is so cute >.<

SabinePsynopsis said...

I feel exactly like you - a tablet device seems quite a luxury when you have a smart phone and a computer... but it could be so handy :)

Helen said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I'd love a tablet because I spend so much time just browsing on my phone but sometimes it's too small. I love the background you've chosen too :)

Katie Frank said...

Wow, it's great! I wish I had such lovely thing <3

Anonymous said...

Great review, it brings back memories of my nintendo with it having the little stylus.

Winnie said...

Oh I've heard such good things about this Samsung Tablet - I totally want one! I want to buy books and things to read on them (even though I will probably still buy the physical thing - it's nice to have the option!). Also, I absolutely LOVE the Great british bake off. It's so brilliant - isn't Paul absolutely cutting when he says something simple like, 'I don't like it'. It's like the world has just ended for the baker involved! Bless them!

Chuck said...

Mmm, interesting. I love my tablet, I use it even more than I thought I would, but I haven't found it very good for blogging. I probably need to do more research. X

Maria Fallon said...

That looks lovely! I have a Blackberry Playbook and I love it, it is so easy to use in the train and things!

Maria xxx

Unknown said...
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Agnes Deer said...

That's just wonderful! Lucky you! :)