Friday, 21 September 2012

Home Wishlist

1. a stand for my record player 2. a cosy arm chair for the living room 3. the perfect lasagne/shepherds pie/apple crumble dish 4. For soups, stews and pies 5. yes, I have a kettle, but it's just not as pretty as this one! 6. I have a door knob project in my head that will look fabulous if I ever get around it it. 7. It's hard to believe, but we don't actually own that many mugs. Le Creuset ones please!

This weekend fingers crossed (!) my final ikea order should arrive and I will be able to unpack the last of my boxes, mainly books awaiting a bookshelf, and actually feel like I'm moved into my flat. And hopefully take some photos too!

James and I moved straight from our respective parents' houses to our flat, which was unfurnished, and so it's been a bit of an experiment over the past month to work out what we needed to buy, while trying to keep the cost down. We've begged and borrowed a lot of our things second hand from relatives, had a few very generous gifts, and I sold approximately half my belongings at a car boot fair and an auction, so we've managed to get the basics for a home together.

Unfortunately that hasn't left a lot of pennies for the fun things that I want, rather than need, so they've had to go on the wishlist for now.

If you've gone through the process of setting up home for the first time, I'd love to know any stories you have of bargain furniture, antiques 'borrowed' off Grandma, or blowing your kitchen budget on a teacup?!

ps I used this guide from pugly pixel to make the collage.


Adrianna Keczmerska said...

Judging by the things you have shown, we have quite a similar taste in the furniture and housing gadgets. I have recently seen the little stand (#1) on Urban Outfitters website and I think it is absolutely stunning! I also really like the arm chair!

I haven't yet moved out of my parents' house but along with my boyfriend we are thinking of doing so soon and I am looking forward to setting up a place of our own. Not so much to the financial side of it though!

Nadia said...

It is so satifiying when you've finally unpacked! You can always pick up the pretty bits as you go along :)

We just moved into an unfurnished second flat, from our first flat that was part furnished. Almost everything we have was gotten from someone else (including our sofa which we took from the old flat...) or from my dad's addiction to ebay (look at this 60's chair I got for 10p). We keep meaning to go to ikea and pick out the bits we need, but keep saying things like "oh but this month I need to buy shoes, not furniture" so we are still using some make shift box furniture.

dinoprincesschar said...

I rememeber a HUGE trip to IKEA when I first moved into my flat, I needed to buy sofas and wardrobes so we had to hire a van for it all, and I may have gone a bit crazy. That said, things likt their plates and cutlery etc have lasted really well. I've been in the flat almost 4yrs and have just decided to get a new cutlery set as the print was coming off the ikea ones.

Winnie said...

Ahh I love that arm chair. It's the perfect colour. I bet it will be so nice once everything is in their place in your new flat! Though I expect you'll be constantly buying new things for it anyway!

Annie said...

I do like that record player stand and that chair!

my boyfriend and I moved into an almost completely unfurnished flat (it had a washing machine and fridge thank god - they would have been expensive but necessary and unexciting purchases). his parents were very kind and gave us lots of their old stuff including a kitchen table and chairs. They also gave us two sofas which are hideous but hey, beggars can't be choosers! we're saving to buy our own ones. lots of our shelves and stuff come from good old ikea – i don't know what we'd do without it!

Hope the move is going well!

Joanna. said...

I went to our local YMCA charity shop and bought all our living room furniture (bar our current sofa which was given by my bf's mum) for £30. We have a sideboard, TV unit and a random leggy chest of drawers. I've had that bookmarked for months and we're saving for a sofa that we'll use until it dies in 15 years time :)

Hope you manage to unpack everything this weekend :) xx

Style Eyes said...

I love Ikea, I bought most of the stuff for my house there including sofa and furniture. Carboots are also great for house stuff, I quite like the mismatched look.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I am a big Le Creuset fan xx

Katiecakes said...

It's all about the build up. When I moved in with Kris it was a furnished flat and everything belonging to us was Ikeas cheapest. As time goes on you can replace everything with nicer pieces till you're totally happy :)

My favourite piece is a purple velour swivel chair from the 70s. I got it for a bargain on Ebay but didn't realise how far away it was and had to pay an absolute fortune to get it to Newcastle. Totally worth it though.

I have the sofa that matches that chair and let me tell you, it's one for looks over comfort ;)

Katie xoxo

Mat said...

we're nearly in the position you're in, currently we just can't afford to move in together, even though i have 3 part time jobs. it's really hard, we need our own space but it's just not a possibility right now.

lucky i have a thing for mugs so we are set when it comes round to that, also other kitchen related stuff as we both cook. the le creuset ones are ace, just pick them up in tkmaxx, i picked up my teapot from there

Katie Frank said...

oh these stuff are so amazing <3 i wish my flat was full of these <3

Anonymous said...

Cute wishlist, the kettle is lovely !

SJP said...

Ooh, love that Le Cruset mug. I get lots of crockery from Grandma Ship-Shape, but a friend of mine has found some amazing furniture on the side of the road, most notably a 1930s wardrobe that would have been taken to the skip if she hadn't 'saved' it : )