Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. I love this late summer lookbook 2. And this simple and cheap idea for prettying up your kitchen 3. Watching my makeup brushes has been on my to do list for ages, so this is very timely! 4. I really enjoyed Mariell's guide for the hungry in central London 5. Erin shared this beautiful spring/summer presentation from New York Fashion Week 6. And Krissy these beautiful mixed-media pictures

It's been so good to get the internet in my flat, partly to start blogging again myself but also to start reading again. I've massively missed my daily fixes of inspiration from my favourite blogs. I feel like I could have included every post waiting for me on my reader in this round up, but I have managed to restrain myself a little!

I spent yesterday in the Olympic park - we saw some Athletics in the morning, which was awesome, and just enjoyed the sunshine (and the McDonalds!) in the afternoon. Today has been filled with all the boring jobs like doing the washing and buying food for the week. Hope you are having a great weekend!


PinkBow said...

Pleased to see the links back Harriet!

Roselie said...

I love using jars for decoration and these mixed media pictures are wonderful!

Sherin said...

Loved the guide to food in central London. Even as a Londoner, I sometimes struggle to find nice eating places.

Katie Frank said...

Oh you always post such lovely links <3 Thank you for this! Ps: do you have any banner of your blog? I would love to post it on my blog:)

Anonymous said...

Great links =) welcome back to the web haha. I don't realize how much I love reading things online until I can't!