Sunday, 16 September 2012

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Photos of food are my favourite things 2. I love this photoshoot which puts Naples on show 3. These photos really sh the fun side of fashion week 4. This looks like such a perfect shop 5. I really enjoyed this post about collecting vintage books 6. More food, this time in video form!

It's been such a busy weekend this week, I went to London Fashion Week yesterday, and met up with Hannah, Fritha, Georgina and more, which was so lovely. Today I'm just pottering about doing family and homey things, and some much needed studying too. I never manage anything very exciting on Sunday, it just seems wrong to be busy on a Sunday somehow!


─░pek said...

Vintage books! I have a severe case of book hoarding and I'm specializing in vintage books slowly. Send help.

PinkBow said...

Ah food photography. My favourite too.

Sherin said...

Can't believe I missed you at Fashion Week!
I really loved that post about vintage books.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, NYFW looks so fun - nice to see people having a giggle with what they wear. Glad you had fun at LFW - looking forward to hearing more about it : )