Friday, 23 November 2012

Sausage, Cider and Potato Pie


You guys, I've had a revelation. It turns out, I'm actually a culinary genius and I had no idea! Ok, so I had a little help from the Pieminister Cookbook, but this pie, this pie is amazing. I am reliably informed that it is the best thing I have ever cooked, and since my boyfriend has tried everything I've ever cooked, including the disasters, I will have to bow to his superiour knowledge on the subject.

I've never actually cooked a pie before, but since we got our new cooking pot I really wanted to make something spectacular in it, and a pie seemed like the perfect pot-christening meal.

It involves the following:

500g new potatoes cut into slices 6-8mm thick
25g butter
1 onion, sliced
1 dessert apple, peeled and cut into chunks
1 tsp sugar
100ml cider (I used Katy)
1 tbsp wholegrain mustard
500g herby sausages (mine had leek in them, but it tasted good still!)
pastry (I used sainsburies premade butter puff pastry, as I'm not quite advanced enough to make my own. One pack was more than enough.)
a handful of grated cheddar cheese
1 free range egg, lightly beater, to glaze

The Recipe

1. Cook the potatoes in boiling water until tender and then drain and set aside
2. melt the butter in a pan (I just did this in the bottom of the cooking pot, but check yours can go on the hob first!) and cook the onion until softened. Then add the apple and sugar and cook until the apple starts to caremalize but still holds its shape.
3. Add the cider and simmer until it reduces and is almost gone
4. Stir in mustard and season lightly, then take off the heat.
5. Cut open the sausages and take out the meat, and mix with the potatoes. Add the mixture to the appley-sugary-oniony mix and make sure it is well mixed. Add pockets of cheese into the mixture. Getting to a cheesy bit in the pie is so good!
6. Add a pastry lid, making sure to cut two holes in the top to let the steam out and brush with the beaten egg.
7. Cook for 40-45 minutes on 180 degreesC/gas mark 4
8. Eat, enjoy, impress your friends. Drink the rest of the cider!



char said...

Well it looks yummy - I wish I was more organised at home cooking and made things like this!

Beki said...

I have the Pieminister cookbook too and love it! My boyfriend and I actually made the sausage, apple and cider recipe but we turned it into little mini individual pies in a muffin tin! Pretty awesome :)


Maria Fallon said...

OK this looks amazing, my boyfriend is going to love this!

Maria xxx

eversojuliet said...

Ooooh this looks brilliant! I love making pie, so satisfying & so tasty x

Dizzy Tea said...

Oh this looks incredibly delicious. Noted the recipe, I'll definitely give it a try this weekend but first, I need to find a pot as pretty as yours.


Helen said...

Ooh yum, I love that pieminister book too. The ricotta pea and asparagus pie is goooood.

irene wibowo said...

love it :)
Irene Wibowo

Rachel said...

Well done you!

I don't have a pot like this in my kitchen here in Los Angeles, but this has been bookmarked for next Winter in England. You should do more recipe posts - I really like them!

canvasofculture said...

ooh potato, sausage, and cider sounds like the perfect combination! I've never heard of the cookbook you used, but this looks delicious:)


Anonymous said...

I need that cookbook! Been trying to track it down to buy for the Mr as a Christmas prezzie (clearly so I can use it too!) x

Katie Frank said...

nomnomnomnomnomnom it looks so dellllliiiicioousss!

Style Eyes said...

That looks amazing. Will have to look out for that cook book. The hubs is a big pie fan too.

daisychain said...

I'm not a pie fan but I will concede that this looks AMAZING! x

Sophie said...

I livve for pie in the winter - the perfect hearty meal I think. Bookmarking this!

Mat said...

think i will pop this book on my wishlist, i flipping love pies but i've never actually made one

Alice said...

A new pot always means a new recipe! xxx

My Hideaway said...

It looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe! :)

teawiththemoon said...

This looks delicious! Pies are perfect for this time of year. <3