Monday, 21 January 2013

How I Blog


A while ago now both Hayley and Sarah did a post about how they blogged, and I really loved reading them, so I finally got around to writing my own version. Having read back over this post it probably appears very regimented, and not particularly spontaneous, but I am afraid I'm not a particularly spontaneous person! I like to go to sleep on a Sunday night knowing I've photographed and written up all of the posts for the next week. Especially in the winter when it's so dark, I try to make sure I've at least taken all the photos for my upcoming posts at the weekend when I have plenty of light. Here's how I keep myself organised:
Mind Map

The biggest thing that's made a difference recently to how I blog is my mind map. I've always tried to keep lists of post ideas but I always seemed to get stuck after a few thoughts. Somehow shifting from a vertical list to a map like this really helped me to come up with more ideas, and it was interesting to see how despite always thinking of myself as a fashion blogger, so many more of my posts ideas relate to other things these days. Plus I could make it colourful with these Caran D'ache crayons which were very kindly given to me!


My iphone is pretty much superglued to my hand, and for the most part I just use it for twitter and flicking to random websites. I use the reading list function in safari to keep track of any potential lazy Sunday links. My most used app for blogging though it probably Teux Deux. It's a simple but elegant 'to do' list app and website, and once I've worked out which of the ideas on my mind map I'm going to do and the tasks I need to complete it they go on to my teux deux list to be crossed off once they are photographed/written/scheduled. I also keep my other tasks to do on here - I'm not planning a post on my ironing don't worry! 


I always keep a diary, and for the last few years it's been a Moleskine one, this time in purple! I use it to scribble down ideas, no to mention plan the rest of my life (if I don't write it down I can guarantee I won't remember) and note down when I'm going post what. I've tried using an online calendar before to plan my blog posts but it just doesn't work for me - I'd rather just write it long hand.

Computer & Camera

Of course when it comes to the actual blogging it's these two that do the hard work. My camera is a Canon 450D, which I saved up for ages for, and finally purchased in March 2010. It remains one of my most expensive purchases and one of my best, I use my camera almost every day. If anyone is umming and ahhing over puchasing a dslr I would really say that for me it has been worth the pennies.

My laptop is a Sony Vaio. Unlike my much saved for and thought over camera purchase I bought it very quickly without much thought when my last computer died on Boxing Day a couple of years ago. I'm not too fussy over computers - it does the things I need it to do and fingers crossed it's not broken on me yet!

All this organising may sound like it takes some of the fun out of blogging but I don't think so. I am an organised person by nature, and having it all planned out in pretty colours makes me happy, as does looking over a week of posts and being proud of what I've written.

How do you organise yourself and your blogging? If you've done a post about it I'd love to see.


PinkBow said...

So interesting, I checked out the other 2 posts too. My iphone is definitely my main tool.

Maria Fallon said...

I love seeing how other people blog, I wish I was as organised as you, I tend to have one buffer post and use my folder system on my computer to plan posts!

Maria xxx

Hello Bee said...

I WISH I was this organised. I am absolutely the opposite, with ideas and thoughts floating around in my brain then vanishing like smoke before I get to writing them. This year I have made a concerted effort though - I downloaded Evernote for my phone and bought an Evernote moleskin and the combination of both is meaning I actually get blog stuff done regularly. Let's see if it lasts past January though...!

Annie said...

I am highly unorganised but it's something I'm working on... I love 'behind the scenes' type posts plus mind mapping is something I need to do - thanks for the tip! Cute crayons btw x

Anonymous said...

I love these kinds of posts! You definitely sound like me. I like to schedule my posts, makes me less anxious

Rachel said...

While it is really my camera and my Mac Book that makes my blog what it is, I don't know where I would be without my Mac's iCal where I keep all my scheduled posts straight!

Anonymous said...

I love these kinds of posts – it's always fascinating to see how other bloggers work. I have the same camera model as you and agree that it's a Godsend - I love it so much!

I wish I good be as organised when it comes to scheduling my posts – that was one of my blogging resolutions for this year (

Et tu, tutu? said...

How interesting! I post haphazardly when I'm in school but hopefully once the spring semester is over with I can do some more organized blogging through May and summer!


Abby Mifsud said...

I always like getting a look behind the scenes :) I would actually like to be more regimented so what you shared is giving me some things to think about :)

Abby Mifsud said...

I always like getting a look behind the scenes :) I would actually like to be more regimented so what you shared is giving me some things to think about :)

Dizzy Tea said...

Such a great post! For me, the organizing part makes it fun because I have a quick with neat and planned things so I adored your schedule and photos. I justlikeit alot. I'll definitely make a post about my blogging schedule and it will be the shortest joke on earth. (I don't have a schedule.) Your post inspired me to make the most of my weekend light and take photos though! It's a great idea to keep a mind map. I'll follow my resolution and be more organized with my blog.

Kb said...

This was an interesting read, I discuss things like this with a few other bloggers and I've picked up a few tips. I might do a post like this too even though I'm extremely disorganised! I have about 3 notebooks on the go that are half filled in, random scraps of paper and planned posts that get photographed at the last minute! I really need to sort myself out.

Mat said...

i used to be much more organised but now i'm not at all, i really need to make to effort to get back into being. i'm all over the shop.

will check this app out, looks slick


A great read! I've recently started to some 'blogging series' on my own blog, with subjects varying from 'thing you didn't know about blogging' to tips on how to improve your blog. I absolutely love reading this sort of posts about others!

X Malena

Juoda Plunksna said...

So interesting to see how other bloggers do this :)) is a blog about how I grow my hair so long, about natural and not cosmetics and other girly things. Greetings from Lithuania! :)