Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. barbie on thr coveteur? amazing! 2. a cute little animation from disney 3. ulyana sergeenko's collection is stunning as always 4. Inside the glamourai's makeup bag 5. perfection in cake form 6. the amazing chanel spring 13 campaign

Happy Sunday people! This weekend started with work drinks on Friday, followed by home made pizza on Saturday and catching up on my favourite things on iplayer (I'm way behind on Celebrity Great British Bake Off and almost up to date on Murder in Paradise - my two favourite shows at the moment!), and a trip to Columbia Road flower market this morning. All in all a pretty good weekend.


irene wibowo said...

i like the paperman movie too! :) Irene Wibowo

Anonymous said...

Good grief that banana bread cake looks insanely good!

xStroutx said...

Good God that cake looks amazing! It sounds like you've had a lovely weekend!

Maria Fallon said...

The Chanel campaign is gorgeous!

Maria xxxx

Katie Frank said...

Ok, so first link is amazing: I love everything about this and I'm mega Barbie's fan :D.
Secondly this video is wonderful! I love it. I don't even know why, but I cried at the end. It's WONDERFUL <3.
Third link is awesome. I've seen this show and that glassess are the best part of this <3 That fourth bag is awesome, I wish I had this and I haven't opened food cus I'm so full so I just can't look at food and last link is another amazing Chanel lookbook which I love <3

Annie said...

aww the animation is lovely (i do love shorts) - as is the flower market at columbia road!x

Kimberlee said...

I loved the Paperman! Made my day :)