Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. I love homes that mix old and new so this place ticks all my boxes! 2. streetstyle from nyfw 3. does this not look like the most amazing chocolate fudge sauce?! 4. I love pink 5. Geisha inspired fashion in vogue germany 6. a beautiful place to eat.

I'm feeling pretty much back to normal after catching a cold last week thankfully. Admittedly a week of awesome food occaisions (pancake day and valentines!) certainly helped me feel better!

This weekend we spent most of Saturday spring cleaning (spurred on by finding some very old naan bread in the back of the cupboard we'd forgotten about - eww!) followed by our first Ocado delivery (Thanks John in the Cabbage van!) We don't have a car and every Saturday morning is usually spent dragging overfull bags of shopping home when we've overestimated how strong our arms are! The main reason for trying out Ocado was a voucher for £20 off, but it was pretty exciting not having to carry everything, and I'd definitely use it again when we need to buy heavy stuff.

In the evening we spent some vouchers my parents gave us for Christmas for a meal out at Chapters - which is near where we live. It was pretty delicious! All in all a very nice week, hope yours was too!


My Hideaway said...

We didn't have a car for years either and I know what you mean about hauling grocery bags home. It keeps you in good shape though. Now that we have a car, I feel much lazier in general.

Lovely links, as always. I love the mix of old and new too...was just writing something about that yesterday. Glad to hear you're feeling better! :)

Annie said...

the inside of that home in the first link is fabulous - love the shelves!
I had a good old kitchen cupboard clear out recently and found a few things that needed to go - it wasn't pretty but now I know exactly what we have in them!x