Monday, 4 March 2013

The Fit Crowd


I have mentioned a couple of times on here about my various attempts at getting into exercise, primarily running. Amazing even myself, it is now March and I am still getting up and going running twice a week before work, in line with my New Year's Resolution! So when I was invited to join The Fit Crowd by Sweaty Betty, I said to myself 'Self, you are actually not totally kidding yourself if you say yes' and so I said yes!

Last Wednesday I went along to their first event (hopefully of many!) in the Sweaty Betty store on the Kings Road (How nice is the Kings Road?! I should totally go there more often!) and attended a Barrecore session with them afterwards. Barrecore is a mix of ballet, pilates and yoga, all of which I am rubbish at, so I was quite nervous before the class. The teacher was your standard tall, graceful Cameron Diaz lookalike, who was also tough as nails and oooh my muscles hurt the next day! I don't really attend many exercise classes, due to a combination of lack of time, cheapness and boredom once I've done the same thing a few times (running excepted for some reason!) I do enjoy them off and on though, and would definitely do this again another time. It was painful but satisfying!

I've not shopped in Sweaty Betty much before either, mainly due to aforsaid cheapness, but I really like their ethos. I still remember being laughed at in an addidas shop for asking if they had any womens' shinpads (because  women don't play football, obviously) and feeling totally intimidated by JD Sports, so it is nice to have a women focussed sportshop that I feel comfortable in. In addition apparently most of the shop assistants are also personal trainers and fitness instructors of various types, so it's good to know you can get proper advice without feeling embarassed if you are a total beginner like me.

They also run lots of free classes in their stores each week, which I think is such a great thing to do. I will definitely be looking them up in the future!

All in all thanks for having me Sweaty Betty!


Jessica B said...

Good job keeping your New Year's Resolution! That class sounds really interesting. I have been trying to exercise daily too, but not as a New Year's Resolution. (I don't make New Year's Resolutions because I can never keep them.) I was really sick for awhile and now I'm trying to get back in shape.

daisychain said...

I need to join the fit crowd, I am laughably unfit! x

Maria Fallon said...

Barrecore sounds amazing if intense! I need to stick to a fitness schedule, you have inspired me!

Maria xxx

PinkBow said...

Well done you! This sounds really good. I'm just getting back into exercise too, so this was an interesting post for me.

My Hideaway said...

Congrats on keeping up with running. You are doing much better than me. :/
I believe it about being sore after your class. I was a dancer growing up, and I've never been in as good a shape in my life since I gave it up. I used to feel strong from head to toe and I miss that.

LilyLipstick said...

Barrecore sounds really fun, despite the pain! I love yoga and pilates classes - they do get a little boring but it satisfying to see that I've become stronger and more flexible since I started. x

Lucy said...

haha good job girl! I actually would love to do that class, sounds amazing! Anything remotely dancey is perfect in my books!
Keep doing them, you'll love them eventually!

SJP said...

I love Sweaty Betty - big fan of their yoga classes and run clubs, but I've not tried the Barrecore class before - will have to check it out : )