Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Paris Day One and Two


I planned my trip to Paris with my friend Reda way back on a snowy January afternoon, and having booked everything and handed over my cash so long ago, it came as a bit of a surprise when it was suddenly time to get on the Eurostar and go! In my head it was going to be a lovely warm sping trip, with Paris in bloom, but the weather did not quite cooperate! It was sunny though, if freezing, which was lovely for walking around in, and then diving into coffee shops for giant mugs of hot chocolate and cafe au

On our first day we headed to the Tuileries to have a walk around in the sun.  Here is Reda! We went to the Musee de L'Orangerie on our first morning, which has two oval shaped rooms with Monet's Waterlilies paintings displayed. They were so stunning, we stared at them for ages, before heading into the other parts of thre museum to see Renoirs and Mattisses and Picassos.

The picture on the left was my favourite painting as a child because I thought the two girls in the picture looked like me and my sister (except much better behaved!)

For lunch we went to Angelina's on Rue De Rivoli. If you are ever in Paris I cannot recommend this restaurant strongly enough. The food was amazing - I had a Ceasar Salad and a Tarte Au Citron, and Reda went for the full brunch menu which was just ridiculous in both size and deliciousness! I think Angelina's macarons beat even Laduree for me, they were just so flavoursome and amazing.  I could probably talk about the food in Paris for days.

To round off the day we went to the Galeries Lafayette - the biggest department store I have ever seen! There is a separate building entirely for menswear, and another for homewares, and we were so exhausted and overwhelmed we spent most of the afternoon 'trying out' the sofas in the homewares building!

I didn't take any photos of dinner that night, but after eating we went back to the hotel and watched Hugo to complete the Parisian experience.  We stayed at Mama Shelter, which was a really great hotel. It's quite far out from the centre of Paris, but the rooms are really cool, and it has free wifi and free movies and a great restaurant downstairs. The metro is really cheap compared to the tube, so getting around was never an issue.

I have some photos to share from the last two days of my trip later in the week.


Katie Frank said...

I won a competition where I can go to Paris & I'm so excited ! ! ! ! ! I love your post <3

Caramel Latte Kiss said...

I've seen links about Mamma Shelter before, and it looks great. I'd definitely be interested to hear more about it. I'm desperate to get to Paris again, but would be doing it on quite a tight budget!

Nomali said...

Great photos! I was eating a chocolate brownie while reading this post, I did not envy your bottomless hot chocolate and pastries at all.

Maria Fallon said...

This sounds amazing, and that food looks delicious!

Maria xxx

xStroutx said...

Oh Man you lucky thing!! I am SO so jealous! Paris is one of my favourite places and I remember how amazing the macarons at Angelinas were...

Hayles said...

Beautiful photos - Paris has always been on my (cliched) list of places to visit, but I haven't managed it yet!

Fashion art and other fancies said...

Welcome to my city. Glad you are having a grand time!

Vintage Reflection said...

Your photographs look delightful and so do you both! Paris is by far my favorite city and you've captured it perfectly! Looks like you had an amazing time!

P.s Also I hope your right about the weather this weekend, that would be a amazing!! x

Sherin said...

Gorgeous pictures. I miss Paris. I'm definitely due a trip there.

Jane said...

Amazing pictures, sounds like you had an amazing time! Glad the sun was out at least.

PinkBow said...

Aah gorgeous. I need another trip to Paris.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, all that food looks so tasty! Glad you had fun :) x

Abby Mifsud said...

I could look a pictures like this and read your stories about Paris all day. :D How perfect to watch Hugo at the end - the cherry on top ;)