Sunday, 12 May 2013

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. How gorgeous is this wallpapered kitchen? 2. And this photoshoot 3. I love this moss graffiti 4. Mariell's post about her Friday explorations of London definitely makes me want to get out more 5. Parisian bakeries are the best 6. I am way late on thi one as April Fool's day was over a month ago, but this video from Modcloth is fantastic!

I've had another busy week this week, but fingers crossed next week should be a little bit more calm. The thing I hate most about being busy is that I get so unhealthy, and end up just cooking ready meals or anything that's fast and completely devoid of vegetables. Plus I get such little exercise in as well, moving from bed to train to desk to train to sofa and back to bed again! I love to have a routine so it really bothers me when I get all out of sorts!

This week I am looking forward to going back to getting in my morning runs, and actually doing some cooking when I get home. No more jacket potatoes for a while please!


xStroutx said...

That moss art is AWESOME. Also I missed the modcloth thing in April too but it made me chuckle. I hope everything calms down for you this week!

Joyce said...

i love routine as well or else i feel all flustered with my day schedule hahah. i guess routine makes me productive in a way. i can totally relate girl! i wish i could do morning runs but with work early in the morning, i default to running after i'm out of work nowadays :) keep in touch

Joyce @

Niki said...

I find myself wasting hours if I don't have any kind of routine! I hope things get back to normal for you this week :)

Roselie said...

Moss graffiti?!Awesome!