Friday, 7 June 2013

Skincare Update

left to right - Ren glycolactic radiance renewal mask, Simple purifying cleanser, boots vitamin eye eyecream, bioderma makeup remover, Origins night-a-mins, Nivea light daily moisturiser, Palmer's cocoa butter with vitamin E, Ren invisible pores detox mask

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote about my skincare regime, and I've made quite a few changes since then and tred out a lot of new products, so I thought it was about time for an update post. As you can see my collection has definitely gotten a bit bigger compared to last time!

This is what I'm using at the moment:

Ren glycolactic radiance renewal mask
This mask is very effective, but not my favourite. It's basically a light chemical peel, and even though it's about as gentle a chemical peel as you can get, it is still quite harsh for my skin. I do use it, but as I have super combination skin I tend to just put it on the oilier areas, such as my forehead, nose and chin, and avoid my cheeks as they are quite dry and this mask definiely exacerbates that. I do see instant results though, and my skin always looks smoother and clearer after use.
Simple purifying cleanser
My skin has been a bit problematic lately, and I think part of the reason was I was using quite harsh cleansers, which were irritating my already unhappy skin and making the whole thing worse instead of better. I went to Boots with the aim of finding the gentlest cleanser I could, and this was the one I went for. It was really cheap, which did make me wonder if it would be any good, but I am happy to say so far it seems to be working, and my skin is looking a lot happier!

Boots vitamin E eyecream
At the grand old age of 26, I pretty much just woke up and decided 'it's time for eye cream'. Well ok, it was more dramatic than that, I woke up, peered in the mirror and screamed because I saw my first wrinkle had appeared, just under my eye, and spent the rest of the day making everyone stare at my eyes and asking them if they could see it! Hence the eye cream. I was eyeing up a few expensive ones, which I do still want to try (Origins have one which sounds amazing!) but then I saw this one, which was a fraction of the price, at just £2.64 and the reviews suggested it was something of a minor miracle worker. At that price I figured it was worth a go, and not much of a waste if I then feel I want to try something else later, and so far I am liking it. I have used it for about two weeks, and apparently it takes four to see results, but it's already dealt with some dry patches around my eyes and for the price I don't think I can fault it!

Bioderma makeup remover
This is another thing I am not totally sure about it. It has rave reviews, so I bought some in Paris when I was there in April, but I am not sure it is for me. For one it doesn't remove my mac liquidlast eyeliner, so I still need to use a separate eye makeup remover anyway, and two I suspect it may be what caused my skin to have issues, as it was the only new thing I added to my routine recently. Now things are mostly back to normal with my skin I will give it another go, and work out if it is what is causing my skin problems or not, as I don't want to unfairly malign an otherwise good product!

Origins night-a-mins
This was for me a really expensive product. I think it cost £38, which makes it probably the most expensive skincare item I have ever bought, but oh it is so good! The smell is an amzing fruity orange flavour, and I just love how rich and moisturising it feels. I loooove it!

Nivea light daily moisturiser and Palmer's cocoa butter with vitamin E
I don't really have much to say about these two, they are jsut really good, really reasonably priced products which do everything thy promise. Also I love the smell of cocoa butter so I often just sit and sniff the Palmer's bottle, but you don'tneed to know that...

Ren invisible pores detox mask

This was probably the first mask I bought as an adult and it is still my favourite. It does such a great job of drawing out all the bad stuff in my skin, and leaving it looknig so much better. It's not too heavy or too harsh, it is just brilliant. Also I look like an amazing green monster with it on.

Wow, that was a long post! If you have got this far through it and have an thoughts on any of these products, or recommend any for sensitive, combination kin please let me know in the comments.


Maria Fallon said...

The Boots Vitamin E range is AMAZING, such good value!

Maria xxx

Raz said...

I use the Boots eye cream and I love it. Plus it makes me feel very virtuous for using eye cream!

EilidhPie said...

I recently started using eye creams as well, but I'm not loving the two I've tried - ill maybe try this one next! Xo

Anne said...

I guess you have an amazing skin after using all these great products!

little henry lee said...

oh god, i'm 24 and i had that moment recently where i realised i'm GETTING REALLY OLD and i've started seeing all the lines around my eyes when i smile and it's time to take action and buy lots of skincare to slow down the aging process as much as i can, haha.

i've got bioderma and the ren glycolactic mask both on their way to me which i'm hoping actually both agree with me after reading that they weren't your favourites, but they've had so many good reviews i might as well try them for myself. i'll have to keep an eye out for the other ren mask as well!

little henry lee

Anonymous said...

I love Origins - I've just written a post on their cleansing oil actually which is great for dry/sensitive skin. Have you tried their Drink Up mask? If you like the smell of Night-a-mins you might like it as it's got the most incredible mango smell.

Kimberlee said...

hehe I'm 27 and I'm definitely trying out more eyecreams. I may try Boots one.

I love simple products! Whenever my skin is having a bad breakout, I know I can use some simple products to calm it down.