Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Such a perfect little home 2. Louis Vuitton in Paris 3. A stunning menswear inspired editorial 4. Chanel haute couture slays me every time 5. This article about packing to go travelling is fascinating 6. You cannot go wrong with a bun

This weekend has been just glorious. Friday night was my mum's birthday so I called my Dad at his office at five thirty (and gave him a bit of a shock!) and said 'Come on, we're going home to celebrate!' We ate the best steak from a local butcher with salad and my boyfriend's homemade bread rolls and drank champagne, blissful! 

On Saturday it was time for yet more celebrations as some friends have just got engaged, so we sat out on the grass and had drinks and nibbles in the late afternoon sunshine. Finally today my road is holding a street party. Everyone is so friendly where I live, so I am really looking forward to barbecue and chatting to my neighbours!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend too!


Fashion art and other fancies said...

Shall I call round for bread rolls?;-)
It's gloriously warm here too.

Maria Fallon said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! :)

Maria xxx

Sherin said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. And I love hair buns. I'm in them now that it's so warm again.