Saturday, 20 July 2013

Summer Haze

dress - oasis, scarf - vintage, shoes courtesy clarks

Wow, it's hot! I am pretty lucky in that completely by coincidence I managed to choose the hottest week of the year - this week - for my summer holiday. I have basically lazed around in an ice-cream fueled haze for five days - bliss! How much am I not looking forward to having to go back to work and putting on tights again next week? Words cannot express how much.

Anyway the heat is to be blamed for my somewhat unexciting dress sense this week. The thought of anything more than a simple dress, and maybe a headscarf is just too much. The last time I wore this dress I was shivering in the rain for my photos, so it's nice to wear it in the hot summer too. It's such a perfect simple dress that it works perfectly for adding scarves, belts and jewellery to, or not at all!


Jane said...

You look nice and comfortable for the hot weather! Sounds like you've had a good week off to enjoy summer :)

Sophie said...

This looks exactly like my summer uniform at the minute!

xStroutx said...

This looks like a lovely summer outfit! I especially love the shoes

jazzabelle said...

this dress is such a perfect style for the warm weather we've been having! you look lovely. xx

Jo said...

Cute and simple, it's so handy having a plain dress to dress up or down. I was also looking at those shoes in Clarks sale today (but in pink)

Winnie said...

You were so lucky to take this week off Harriet, it's been so gorgeous. I on the other hand have been sitting in an office melting (we have no air con!). I love this grey dress on you, definitely something I'd buy too! It looks super comfy.

Sherin said...

I agree, this weather is all about the simple dresses and cute shoes. Love your dress so much! And I have the same shoes. Haven't worn them yet.

Jodie said...

Beautiful dress. What an amaxing colour- somewhere between grey and silver (or it might just be my eyes)
You did choose the right week off- there was nothing fun about being at work this week :(

Maria Fallon said...

You look lovely! I love the shoes with this dress :)

Maria xxx

Matthew Pike said...

It's been pretty mega the weather hasn't it, no surprised people are deciding to holiday in the uk rather than heading aboard.

You need light stuff like this in the heat, i've been living in shorts basically. your comment was very nice you left before, i do love blogging and i'm struggling to find work so i want to devote as much time to it as I can. hopefully people continue to enjoy it.

Alice said...

Sometimes simplicity is key, especially in the hot weather! Love the addition of the headscarf too xxx

EilidhPie said...

What a stroke of luck for your holiday! I love that dress, sometimes the more simpler pieces are the best! Xo