Monday, 19 August 2013

Getting Cooler


I can definitely feel it is getting cooler in London, and there is a hint of something autumnal in the air. Although I am not quite ready to give up the summer yet, there are a few reasons it isn't so bad to move seasons. A new pair of socks courtesy twosocks and a trip round a few autumn/winter press days, including the La Redoute one (lookbook below) are chief among them at the moment - I am all about knitwear and coats coming up!



Sophie said...

I'm getting ready to layer up for autumn too!

Katie Frank said...

yeah, it's getting cooler in poland too. i'm starting searching for some autumn clothes <3

Jane said...

Oh my gosh! Those socks are adorable. Cool weather dressing is my favourite, trying to get the most out of it before it gets warmer here.

PinkBow said...

can't wait for autumn!!

Sherin said...

I'm definitely not ready for the end of summer. But I am loving everything I'm seeing at all the AW press days.

Anonymous said...

I'm not ready for A/W stuff yet and I'm fighting the urge to look at September issues of the magazines I subscribe to. I feel like summer is going to have a come-back any day now... *crosses fingers*

Matthew Pike said...

I'm into them, they look real nice

Imogen said...

Wonderful. It's getting warmer here and I'm starting to get a little excited. The new seasons fashions can definitely mean there's a lot more to look forward to during the transition of seasons.

Teffy Perk said...

The autumnal fashion is definitely something to look forward to. and chai lattes. mmnmm!

Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog }


My Hideaway said...

Gorgeous lookbook! I wish it was autumnal around here; we seem stuck in summer.

The Velvet Lady said...

omg, i love autumn outfits! i can't until fall finally arrives!