Thursday, 12 September 2013

Bedroom Moodboard


Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my house post last week. I really cannot wait to move in. We are moving in to my parents' house for a couple of weeks while we get the place shipshape, but to be honest once the bedroom is habitable I would happily camp out there and not worry about the dust and the mess of the other rooms. Everything is looking pretty building-sitish at the moment though, with floorboards up, missing skirting boards and decades old wallpaper. To distract myself from thinking about how bad it looks now, and how long it might take to get into the house I have been obsessively looking at home inspiration on pinterest and ikea.

My dream bedroom is all blue and grey and calm nights sleep. We have a big brown bed and some dark blue ikea curtains coming with us, so I want to build on those colours to create a really soothing room. Now that all the wood has come out the room looks absolutely massive, so I'm looking forward to getting some wardrobes that actually fit all my things in!


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

love all these bits and pieces :) As I'm getting older I'm growing away from the shabby chic flowery stuff to a more minimal look too x

Matthew Pike said...

I think greys and blues sound perfect, a combo I'd go for myself. Very calming

Maria Fallon said...

Grey and blue sounds perfect!

Maria xxx

Style Eyes said...

Sounds lovely. I definitely think it is best to have relaxing colours in a bedroom.