Monday, 9 September 2013

My Favourite Things


I loved Sandra's blog post on her favourite clothing items over the past few years (you can read it in google translate) so I decided to do my own. It's also moving house week for me this week (into my parents' temporarily until the new house is livable in) so I am looking at all my old outfit photos and wishing I hadn't packed away so many of my clothes into boxes!

First up the Motel Heidi dress! It's a little bit big on top but oh I love the colour! It's the perfect dinner party dress because it's pretty, and yet roomy!


These Juicy Couture earrings were bought to replace a super cheap and crappy pair of pink primark heart shaped earrings which I just loved, and wore until they fell apart. These ones were about ten times the price but are slightly more sturdy and I love them for all their tacky wonderfulness.


This dress I ordered off asos after seeing Lena Dunham wearing it in the asos magazine (I am a sucker for their marketing!) I took these photos on a really wet and rainy day, but somehow they turned out ok. I wore it to my sister's graduation which was around that time, with  red coat, and felt very glam.


Three of my favourites in one picture. The corderoy circle skirt is from American Apparel and I bought it because all the other bloggers had it. The jumper is from forever 21 and is the perfect length. Now it's getting colder I am looking forward to wearing it again. Finally my COS collar goes with everything, and I wear it all the time. I would love them to bring out some differently shaped ones as I want more!


This 1950s vintage dress was my mother's. She bought it when she was at university in the 70s for a party, and it ended up in my dressing up box when I was little. It's a really heavy, weighty fabric, and the buttons are tiny dancers - they are so pretty!


These little bird earrings are from Hobbs. I bought them and immediately they fell out of my bag in the store and were lost without me noticing, but Hobbs were really good about it and replaced them for me.


This topshop skirt is a recent purchase with some vouchers from work, and it is fast becoming a favourite. I love the midi length and I wear it all the time. The shirt is from Lacoste, belt is vintage and shoes are from Bertie.


Culottes from YMC. I got these a couple of years ago, and they were one of the most expensive things I had bought at the time. In terms of price per wear though they must be one of the cheapest as they have gotten so much wear over the years. Ironing the pleats in is a massive pain though!


Finally my showing my stripes! I love a stripey top, and wearing them 90% of the time is my justification for bringing just one more home with me every shopping trip...


char said...

Oh that Topshoip skirt is lovely and how fab that you have your mum's dress to wear. The buttons sound fantastic. I love the idea of a post of some of your favourite things.

Maria Fallon said...

You have some really beautiful pieces here, I especially love that Topshop skirt! I have the Motel Heidi dress too, I just wish they did it in red!

Maria xxx

Jane said...

You have such good taste in dresses and skirts, I love their silhouettes! Also stripes are the best, you can never have enough.

Sophie said...

The lips dress looks stunning on you!

Fashion art and other fancies said...

The dresses are lovely especially the asos piece.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful selection - I love all the dresses particularly the Heidi one. Think this is the first post I've read that makes me excited about autumn!