Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tower 42


This weekend James and I headed into the city to see what we could see as part of Open House London - where London's buildings are open to the public for one weekend for free. Our original plan had been to hit up the Bank of England (in a non heist sort of a way), but a major case of oversleeping by me meant by the time we got there the queue was literally out the door, round the corner and snaking round at least two sides of the building... Next time I will definitely get up earlier!

Abandoning any chance of getting in there we carried on and found what appeared to be a relatively short, and fast moving queue which I guessed might be the queue for the Carpenters' Hall. Forty minutes later we realised the queue was neither short nor for the Carpenters' Hall, but instead for Tower 42 - the old Natwest building that was once the tallest in London. By this point we decided we'd invested in the queue, so we had to stick it out, and sometime later found ourselves on the 42nd floor looking out over the whole of London. 

It was pretty epic. 

I have a total obsession with climbing up tall things, for which I definitely blame my parents. I can't remember a single holiday as a child which didn't involve a trip up a church tower, castle wall, mountain or other convenient structure so this was just basically a dream. The top floor of Tower 42 is usually a champagne bar though, so I think if I were to do it again I would forget the queuing and just fork out for the bottle. That way I'd have an amazing view, and champagne - win win!


Sophie said...

Wow those views are breathtaking. Pictures like this make my heart swell for London!

Jane said...

The Open House concept is pretty awesome! I love a good view, that one isn't bad at all haha.

Katie Frank said...

wow the architecure is amazing *_*

HazelxJoy said...

I think we must have gone on the same family holidays :)
I had no idea they did this in London, next year I'm going!

Alice Barton said...

what an amazing experience! I'm the same way, I love climbing up to the top of super high buildings and enjoying the views! :) xx
Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

SJP said...

We had Bristol Doors Open Day a couple of weekends a go - I love it and always try to squeeze in as many museums and galleries as possible :)

My Hideaway said...

Oh I'd love to do a tour like that! I'm fascinated by architecture and would love a rare chance to peek inside.

I actually have the opposite instinct to your climbing one though (I hate heights, have a phobia), but all in all, I'd still want to do it. Might be clinging to the railing with both hands-haha-but I wouldn't want to miss that view! :)

little henry lee said...

it's a shame you didn't get to visit the building you originally wanted to but it sounds like you had a great day anyway and those views are fantastic!

little henry lee