Thursday, 17 October 2013

Autumn Beauty Wishlist


I've been on something of a spending ban recently, but as our house starts to look more in shape (more on that soon!) and the bills are nearly all paid I've found myself browsing beauty blogs and shop windows way too much and itching to spend my pennies on something other than floorboards and wiring. Not that they aren't exciting purchase too, but somehow not quite the same! This is my beauty wishlist this autumn.

Bourjois is celebrating its 150th birthday by rereleasing some classics from 1879 which is such a lovely idea. I love the retro packaging and I've been looking for a proper grown up powder for a while (I don't know why powder makes me feel grown up but it does) so I think this might have to be it.

The other day James tried to playfully pull my hairbad out of my hair and ended up taking a massive clump of hair with it with me screaming 'Why would you do that?! Why?!' I suspect this is a sign that the tangles in my hair are a bit out of control, and it is time to get a serious brush that will actually do something about it without scalping me every time I try to pull it through!

My skin gets really dry in the winter, and no amount of moisturiser seems to fully deal with it. I really want to try out an oil to see if it will do a better job of keeping my skin soft this winter, and I have heard so many good reviews of the Nuxe multi use dry oil.

Hands down Ren is the best skincare brand I have ever used. I've been trying out a few cheaper brands as it can get quite expensive, but I think sometimes it is just worth it to spend the money and get something that really works. It's definitely time to go back to Ren I think!

Recently I had a quick makeover when I was picking up some new foundation and was really impressed by the subtle blush they used. I normally prefer my skin quite pale and worry about looking really strange and 80s if I use blush, but I have heard really good things about the sleek blushes so it might be time to give blush a try.

I never stick to one mascara for very long, and my current one has a cracked lid from rollnig off my bathroom cabinet, and didn't impress me much any way so it's time to move on. I try to go for the blackest, most waterproof mascara I can find so I think this will be my next one to try.

I imagine these came out in response to the Mabelline colour tattoo eyeshadows which I love and were so popular. I'm interested to try out the Bourjois ones, they are slightly more expensive than Mabelline at £6.99 vs £4.99, but I like the look of the colours more - they are a bit more subtle and less bright.


jennie said...

The java powder is on my wish list too, I keep hearing such amazing things about it. I really love the Nuxe Dry Oil, it's a beautiful product <3

Jennie xo

daisychain said...

I'm desperate to try the new Bourjois products! xx

HazelxJoy said...

I'm the same with blush... I do use it but I put so little no that I think it's hardly noticeable! I'd be interested to hear how you get on with this one.

PinkBow said...

i love the look of the bourjois powder. i swear by the nuxe oil, i use it on my face and hair.

Anonymous said...

The retro packaging from Bourjois is divine! I've actually just picked up a Sleek blush palette after hearing such good reviews - I went for the Lace palette which is three blushers in one compact - really like what I've tried so far and will be blogging about it soon :)

Ellomennopee said...

Oooh I will have to try the 24 hr shadow. The mabelline "tattoo" ones really stay put.

little henry lee said...

ahh, so many lovely things! the bourjois powder is so pretty, i bought it just for the packaging at first but the product is just as lovely, and i'm definitely looking forward to checking out those cream eyeshadows too, though i haven't seen them in the shops in australia just yet.

i'm a big lover of sleek blush so i definitely recommend you picking up a few of them, or a palette if you find one of those you like. REN is such a great skincare brand, i only have their glycolactic mask and the clay cleanser but i love both of them and they're some of my favourite products so i'm definitely going to be buying more from the range as soon as i actually need anything new!

little henry lee

Kimberlee said...

I like Maybelline's color tattoos too! They make great primers for shadows.