Thursday, 31 October 2013

House Update


A month and a half ago I shared the before photos of our new house. These aren't quite the 'after' photos, but they definitely show we are getting there! The first month was taken up with fixing the things you can't see, but are pretty important (I have learnt!) in keeping an old house in good condition - new wiring throughout the house, a ahem small rodent issue we dealt with, insulating all the pipes to keep us toasty and warm, replacing lead pipework with lead-free, making sure our damp proof course actually is damp proof... the list goes on, and probably will do for many years to come!

This got us to the point in the photos above, where the walls were mostly smooth and plastered, and ready for painting! This is where James' family came up trumps, as the extended family consists of a carpenter, kitchen fitter, bathroom fitter and several painters and decorators (As James puts it - he's the only non-useful person in the family! Which is obviously not true - he's the dogsbody!) so we had an army of helpers to sort us out. I really don't know what we would have done without them, probably I would be sobbing my eyes out right now in a half painted living room!

And so now it looks like this:


I am so so happy with the colours. The white makes the whole room so much brighter, and the green wall makes me so happy! We ummed and ahhed over colours for a while, with James favouring card room green by Farrow and Ball and me loving Homebase Sanctuary Olive Grove. I won the battle, and I think it was a good choice, it looks so rich and warm. The green end of the room is going to be our study area, so I like that the colour helps divide the room and create a little space within it.


We continued with white up the stairs and into the bedroom, with one very dramatic wall in the bedroom! It looks quite black in these pictures but it's actually a very dark blue, Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball to be precise. Last time I photographed the bedroom the fireplace looked a bit of a mess and I think everyone thought I was a bit mad to have exposed it from behind the false wall that used to be there, but the builder plastered it up perfectly, and it looks so nice.

Our house has gone from looking like a building site to just looking like a house without any floors or skirting board now, and I am just itching for them to be finished so I can move in!


underthewillowtrees said...

This all looks very exciting! We recently bought a new place, but I am a bit sad it wasn't in an old building like yours :( Still, I love my little space and you can't beat the feeling of having your own home. Love the olive green wall. Good luck with the rest of the house, I look forward to many more posts! xx

hannah said...

Oh it looks amazing! What progress you've made. I really love your staircase, and the gorgeous olive green colour paint. Can't wait for us to get our first home, and can't wait to see more of yours! xx

The Brunette said...

It looks fantastic and progressing really well x

duck in a dress said...

It's starting to look really lovely! I particularly like the Olive Grove green wall - good choice of colour! Look forward to seeing it all as it progresses :-) x

Jane said...

Sounds like things are going well with the house, glad to hear it! So lucky James' family are around to help.

daniela kate morosini said...

the envy that i'm feeling is next level! good job! xx

Nina said...

Oh wow it's looking amazing! What an achievement that must feel like! Can't wait to see the rest of the progress

Nina from little nomad

Mary H said...

I love the colors you chose; it looks fantastic so far! You are so, so lucky to have so many skilled people in your family to help out. :)

Katie Frank said...

first of all i must mention those colours are fantastic ! secondly this flat is starting looking like home <3

celia said...

Wow it's starting to look great! Can't wait to see the finished result.
I just moved and even if it's a rental and it's been renovated it's crazy how long it takes to get everything set up and ready.

Lily Lipstick said...

How exciting! I love the colour of the olive green paint. x

HazelxJoy said...

Aww it's such an exciting time and you've made amazing progress! I love the colours you've picked out.

Anonymous said...

It's looking so great Harriet! You are so fortunate to have an army of different helpers on hand - we don't have anyone like that in either of our families so have had to bite the bullet and pay (brilliant) builders.

Looking forward to seeing the house complete x

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE the green and the amazing navy blue. Gorgeous colour choices!


Rockster1039 said...

I love that olive-y green color, very cool