Thursday, 24 October 2013

Instagram Lately

1. did some primark shopping 2. meatballs and daim bar cake at ikea 3. my new nivea lip balm smells amazing 4. Nandos and a bookfair is the perfect way to spend a sunday
5. frozen strawberry margarita and great company at benito's hat 6. and a slightly healthier smoothie for breakfast to make up for a decadent night before! 7. ate an entire mango. so good. 8. making fajitas for tea
9. moving out of the flat - it was so strange ot see it empty 10. and moving into the house, well sort of. our stuff is all there but we are not quite 11. a trip to the top of tower 42 12. what the house looks like now. bit of a way to go before we move in I think!

September and October through instagra. I'm whereisharriet there too!


Chloe Likes To Talk said...

Loving the Primark purchases- their denim is suprisingly good, or it was when it fit me, struggling a bit with that just presently.

The house must be super exciting for you- although from memory of the move last year and all the work my parents did in a short space, it's kind of mayhem too, and not having bits of plaster dust everywhere becomes a longed for novelty.

jennie said...

Lovely primark purchases, I think I need a trip there very soon! That lip balm sounds amazing!

Jennie |

My Hideaway said...

Can't wait to see your house when you're finished with the work and get settled. Also, that smoothie looks so good to me right now! :)

Matthew Pike said...

What was in the healthier smoothie?

Buckets & Spades

Katie Frank said...

That pink drink looks so delcious <3

Ellomennopee said...

As SOON as I saw those meatballs I KNEW it was Ikea. And then the side of chips plus choc cake confirmed it. Iconic :)