Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Coco Rocha always looks amazing but I really love this shoot 2. Katie from what Katie does on Brooklyn thrifting 3. This apartment blows me away 4. A perfectly ladylike photoshoot 5. Um, this looks delicious 6. Flowers in Paris

Not a terribly exciting weekend for me this week, I spent Saturday in work, which was about as thrilling as it sounds. To make it just that little bit worse I arrived at the office to discover they had chosen this weekend to test the fire alarm. Repeatedly. All day. 

I managed about three or four hours before I just couldn't stand it any more and took a well deserved trip to Oxford Street on my way home to look at the pretties. I didn't spend anything quite yet, but I have a House of Fraser giftcard that is just begging to be spent in the beauty hall I think! I'm still debating what to purchase, but I really want to try the clinique chubby sticks - the eye ones look gorgeous as well as the lipsticks. Do you have any high end makeup recommendations for what I should spend my voucher on?


Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of Nars lip crayons/sticks at the moment but I'm not sure they sell in HoF? Im my own branch I'm currently lasting after all the Origins Christmas sets - these may have to me an early present to myself...

Lily Lipstick said...

Oh, gosh, that doesn't sound like the best start to the weekend. I find being in the office at the weekend a bit scary as its so quiet (usually!). I love sweet potato so that recipe looks amazing! x

Katie Frank said...

Ohh, I hope the week is going to be perfect anyway <3
The links are heart breaking :):*